you should never repeat these 6 makeup mistakes.

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Makeup gives you a different kind of confidence. From light to heavy, everyone chooses makeup according to their own preferences. It also depends on one’s likes and dislikes. But it is also true that makeup affects your skin too. There are many women who love to do makeup, but they often make mistakes in it. Due to which they have to face problems like acne, dark spots, open pores on the skin. Here we are going to talk about similar makeup mistakes, which can be harmful for your skin.

Makeup also looks more beautiful on glowing and acne free skin texture. That’s why you should also avoid these 6 makeup mistakes while doing makeup.

Do not repeat these 6 mistakes even by mistake

1. Using dirty hands to apply makeup

If you do not clean your hands properly before applying makeup, then the germs and bacteria accumulated on your hands come on your skin and can affect the skin badly. Its most common side effects can be seen in the form of acne and pimples. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying makeup. Always use makeup brushes sponges and other things.

  make up tips
Do not use hands to apply makeup. Image: AdobeStock

2. Not checking the expiry date of the products

Many times makeup products become old and are used again after a long time, in such a situation, using them without checking their expiry date can harm your skin. There is a limit to the shelf life of makeup applied on the face and you should pay special attention to this.

You should replace your mascara every three months, and your eyeliner and eyeshadow every six to twelve months. Use it keeping in mind the shelf life of other facial makeup products like foundation and powder etc. If you use them then many side effects can be seen on your skin.

3. Sleeping with makeup on

If you go to sleep with makeup applied at night due to laziness and lethargy, it can be more harmful for your skin. Using makeup remover wipes at night to remove makeup is not enough, it is very important to completely remove makeup products from the skin before sleeping.

You can use homemade makeup remover instead of makeup wipes. This will help in completely removing the makeup from your skin without any side effects.

Makeup removal before bedtime
Make sure to remove makeup before sleeping. Image: shutterstock

4. Sharing Your Makeup Products

Do you also share your makeup brushes and sponges with others? If yes! So this can be one of the biggest makeup mistakes. Because of this, the problem of acne and pimples starts on your skin. You should always avoid sharing makeup with others.

Along with this, avoid using someone else’s makeup product, because due to this mistake, the oil and germs deposited on the skin of others come in contact with your skin, which can be harmful to your skin. Clean your makeup brushes and sponges regularly.

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5. Covering acne with makeup

Applying makeup without covering your skin with sunscreen, anti-acne cream and moisturizer can trigger acne. Also, this mistake made in makeup can cause breakouts. It is very important to take care of your acne affected skin before applying any kind of makeup base. Avoid applying makeup on pores if you have open pores. If applying makeup, do not apply foundation without a primer. Doing so increases the risk of infection.

It is necessary to avoid makeup mistakes
Sleeping on make-up continuously is equivalent to inviting skin problems. Image: shuttercock

6. Not planning a single makeup free day in a week

Using make-up every day, from going to the office to going to the market, does not give the skin time to breathe freely and does not get enough air. If the reason is that excessive use of makeup makes you a victim of skin related problems. For a healthy skin, do not wear makeup at least one day a week and enjoy your natural beauty. This habit of yours prevents the skin from breaking.

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