Winter acne problems Winter acne problems

Winter affects every skin type differently. Although most people experience dry skin during this time, But people with oily skin face acne.

These days, most people are concerned about their skin. If half of these people have dry skin problems There are not many people who have acne either, especially girls with oily skin. This season will likely face even more serious problems. For many reasons Acne problems become more serious during the winter. Let us know why this is happening. And how can we get rid of acne in winter?

Why do acne problems increase in winter? (Why does acne get worse in winter?)

Winter starts with dry skin, which increases sebum production in your skin. Sebum is an oily, waxy substance produced in the body’s sebaceous glands. During the colder months Our skin will become drier. Our body then begins to produce sebum in greater quantities. This may cause cells to stick together. Because of this, your skin’s pores can get clogged and acne can occur.

Cold temperatures and a lack of moisture in the air rob the skin of essential moisture. Picture ; Shutter

Cold temperatures and a lack of moisture in the air strip the skin of essential moisture. Moreover, people bathe in very hot water for a very long time during winter. Because of this, the moisture in the skin is further lost. If there is no skin barrier Bacteria can invade your skin. cause irritation

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If you too are dealing with winter acne, know how to deal with it. (How to deal with acne in winter)

1 Avoid touching your face frequently.

Many people have the habit of always touching their face with their hands. First, stop touching your face with your bare hands from time to time. We touch various places and objects throughout the day, and harmful bacteria from those things are transferred to our hands. Frequent touching of the face Increases the risk of spreading bacteria to the skin. And it can also cause acne on the face.

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2 Keep your skin moisturized at all times.

Dry skin is more prone to acne. And cold air will make the skin more dry. Cold air can suck moisture from the skin. This makes the outer layer of the skin dry and prone to cracking. So make sure your skin is moisturized at all times. It is important to always use cold lotion or cream during the winter months.

Clean your skin with a water-based cleanser.
Don’t forget to cleanse your face with water. Photo: Shutterstock

3. Don’t neglect to clean your skin.

In winter, our skin doesn’t sweat like it does in summer. So it’s not sticky. In winter, the skin sweats but it is not noticeable. And because of the cold weather Therefore, we rarely wash our faces with cold water. But if you don’t clean your face Dirt and dust will get stuck in the pores of the skin. This is because the pores are clogged and acne easily falls out. Therefore, you should definitely wash your face with clean water.

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4. Don’t use too much cleaning solution.

Cleansing your face regularly doesn’t mean having to use cleanser multiple times throughout the day. Rubbing the skin too much can dry out the skin and put it at risk for acne. If you use a scrub Use only once a week.

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