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What muscles do you stretch after running?| healthcareonline

Stretching after a run will improve your endurance and prevent potential injuries. In addition to helping your muscles experience less pain each time you do this exercise.

When exercising, it is very important to stretch all muscles before and after planned training in order to There were no injuries.. And there are many people who think that just stretching before running is enough. And this is a serious mistake because stretching afterwards also has many benefits. One of them is improving joint mobility. Preventing the appearance of shrinkage and pulling. Optimization Prevention of cramps and helps the body recover after a hard workout you just did, such as running.

What muscles do you stretch after running?

After seeing all the benefits that stretching can bring, it doesn’t matter if you waste 5 or 10 minutes running. But when it comes to this step, many people wonder which muscles they need to stretch. or vice versa Instead, I didn’t stretch all the muscles that should be stretched. You also need to know that you need to stretch your muscles. gentlyThey noticed that the muscles were pulled but there was no damage. To make it clear Let’s take a look at the list of muscles:


This is a basic part of this type of exercise as it can be done with the calves. Promote the body which goes forward. To properly stretch these muscles, there are several ways, such as bringing the calf leg you want to stretch forward. Place your heels on the floor. and lift the toe of the shoe Once we position ourselves in this way, We lean forward and try to touch our toes with our hands.

There are many people who do not stretch as much as they should.There are many people who do not stretch as much as they should.


This is a basic part that we cannot abandon when stretching after running. Because these muscles are around One of the most important bones, such as femur. for this occasion An exercise you can do is lift your toes and lift them back until your heels touch your buttocks.

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Achilles tendon

The Achilles tendon is a set of muscles that runs from the pelvis to the shin bone. Therefore, it plays an important role in leg flexion and thigh extension From the hips. An exercise in which you can stretch the entire back leg by sitting on the floor and keeping your legs straight. try to touch your toes If this is the case, your flexibility is keeping you from getting there. Nothing happened Try to go as far as you can. Because as long as you feel the muscles being pulled without causing damage. Exercise is also good.


finally inside lower body You will need to stretch your butt muscles. To do this You can do this by lying on the floor and bending one leg, using your arm to lift it up towards your body.

Stretching after running is important.Stretching after running is important.

Many people believe that post-run stretching should only be done with the lower body muscles. And this is a big mistake. And the lower back area is often a part that can create a lot of problems if it is not stretched properly. Therefore, we must focus on stretching the back primarily. upper trunk.


During exercise you must maintain a upright position of the body, so when stretching the abdomen, it can be done by lying face down on the floor, lifting the body, stretching the arms properly and supporting the floor. and hips are on the ground at all times

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If you want to stretch this area It’s best to support your knees. on the floor and with your hands You will stretch your arms forward until you lower your body as much as possible.

Some of the stretching exercises are very basic and easy.Some of the stretching exercises are very basic and easy.


Lastly is the trapezius muscle stretch. succumb Move to one side and use the other arm to tense this area. This exercise is repeated on the other side until gently so as not to damage any part.

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How long can it be stretched?

The most recommended thing is to keep a few. 10 or 15 seconds Perform each stretch gently and as previously recommended. After running all the relevant stretches It is very beneficial to cool down the muscles you are exercising.

You can do this by applying cold water packs to the entire exercise area. Or you can place the legs in a bowl of cold water. It also allows for better circulation and greater resistance. This will help improve future workouts and will help these muscles suffer less. These tips will help you improve over time. Or if you want to prepare for a marathon?

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