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What is Pulmicort and what is it used for? | health care online

Size and method of eating

Today, you can find Pulmicort in many different forms. Budesonide dosages vary between 0.25 mg/mL, 0.50 mg/mL and 1 g/mL. Each dose must be individualized. and may be taken 1 or 2 times a day as advised by a medical professional. Finally, when asthma is controlled The maintenance dose should be as low as possible. Specifically, Pulmicort Flexhaler is recommended for use in adults and children over 6 years of age.. In the case of children between 12 months and 8 years, Pulmicort Respules is recommended, which replaces budesonide powder with a liquid suspension of the drug. Also for oral inhalation

Budesonide inhalers usually contain: The amount required for effective inhalation is 60 to 120 times.After that it is recommended to discard it even if there is still liquid inside. The recommended dosage varies depending on the patient’s age and stage of treatment. And it is always recommended to take them at the same time. In the case of the initial stages of drug use, the dosage of:

  • Elderly and adults : Total daily dose between 1-2 mg, which may be increased up to 4 mg in cases of severe asthma.
  • Children from 6 months: Total daily dose between 0.25-1 mg, which may be increased in special cases to 2 mg per day.

When a healthcare professional determines that asthma is controlled The dose should be reduced and titrated to the smallest possible dosage. This continues to apply. In this case, the recommended dosage is:

  • Seniors and adults: Total daily dosage between 0.5-4 mg.
  • Children from 6 months: Total daily dosage between 0.25-2 mg.
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When to start treatment Visible improvements will not occur immediately. But it can take up to 2 weeks in the case of the powder (Pulmicort Flexhaler) and up to 6 weeks in the case of the liquid suspension (Pulmicort Respules). But it must be taken into account that This medicine does not cure asthma.But it can help relieve symptoms.

Contraindications and precautions when consuming

Before starting treatment with budesonide You should tell your doctor if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • If the patient is allergic to budesonide or the remaining excipients included in the composition of Pulmicort (disodium adarate, dosium chloride, polysorbate 80, anhydrous citric acid or sodium citrate). T)
  • If the patient has suffered or is suffering from any fungal or viral infection. related to the respiratory system
  • If the patient has ever had or is currently suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis.
  • In case you have liver problems.
  • If the patient follows other types of treatmentThis is because you may need to reduce or even stop consumption.

Side effects and adverse reactions

Pulmicort is consumed like any other medicine. May cause side effects such as:

  • Throat irritation and coughing and hoarseness
  • mushroom growth In the mouth and/or throat area
  • Presence of some allergic reactions and reactions such as rhinitis, eczema, or hives on the face, lips, or tongue that can make it difficult to swallow or breathe.
  • the presence of bruises on the skin.
  • Problems related to growth In the case of children
  • general discomfort It manifests itself through symptoms such as muscle pain and joint pain during the withdrawal period.
  • fatigueHeadache, nausea and vomiting.
  • Development of oral thrush Must be treated with antifungal drugs. And in the case of severe symptoms Treatment with Pulmicort should be discontinued.
  • The occurrence of bronchospasm It is caused by constriction of the airways after breathing, accompanied by wheezing. After that, the drug must be stopped immediately and see a specialist to assess the situation.
  • Eye problems related to blurred vision, cataracts, or glaucoma, which should be examined by a doctor immediately
  • mental disorders such as sleep disorders restlessness and restlessness depression or agitation
  • In the case of athletes taking this medicine, it must be taken into account that Positive results can be achieved in anti-doping control. Due to some of its components
  • changes in bone density This is because the normal production of steroid hormones decreases.
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When patients experience these symptoms or other types of side effects related to the use of this drug. You should notify your doctor immediately in any case, Treatment should not be withheld unless directed to do so by a healthcare professional. The one who has decreed

The medicine must be stored in a place with a temperature not higher than 30°C. The medicine must be stored in a place with a temperature not higher than 30°C.

Additional information to consider

Don’t miss information about this medicine:

  • The medicine should be stored at a temperature not higher than 30°C and should not be stored in the freezer. The container must be stored vertically and Protect from direct sunlight.
  • Pulmicort’s shelf life is 2 years, after which the medicine must be discarded.
  • Keep out of sight and reach of children.
  • In case of overdose, it cannot be concluded that the symptoms of intoxication have occurred, which can lead to clinical problems of a serious nature.
  • In the case of pregnant women It has not been proven that subsequent treatment with budesonide poses a risk to the health of the fetus.In what cases should you consult an expert before starting to consume?
  • In the case of breastfeeding women, Pulmicort consumption has no adverse effects on the newborn baby. However, you should always consult your doctor before starting treatment.

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