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What does fat give to our body? | health care online

Although it may seem unbelievable But fat must be a basic part of our diet. This is because one of the benefits of fat is producing energy for our body.

Fat gives our body plenty of volume. Energy and Vitamins. These foods play an important part in our daily diet as they provide us Nutrients that our body needs Go to work. Therefore, if we want to eat a balanced diet We can’t always leave fat behind.

Yes, you read that right. The same happens with carbohydrates. There is this idea of ​​food on most occasions that we need to consume as little as possible in order for our body to No fat Within us, perfect consumption does not consist in consuming as little as possible. But it is a more healthy consumption.

Good and bad fats

Within the group known as good fats, Help the heart and increase level of good cholesterol. Its specific name is unsaturated fat. and are divided into two other groups:

A myth has spread that fat should be consumed as little as possible.A myth has spread that fat should be consumed as little as possible.
  • On the one hand, it contains polyunsaturated fats, which the food is rich in. Omega 3 such as blue fish, salmon, sardines or bonito. There are also some vegetable oils and margarine.
  • Another group is monounsaturated fat and contains Different types of oil Such as olives or rapeseed, nuts, and avocados.

Bad fats are called so because consuming them can cause High cholesterol levels and cardiovascular problemsAmong them are saturated fat and trans or hydrogenated fat.

Among the good fats is salmon.Among the good fats is salmon.
  • In the first group are butter, dairy fat, meat, chicken and pork skin, ice cream, and cheese. Common ingredients found in these foods are: Comes from animals and stored at room temperature But in addition to these solid foods, you also need to be careful with certain liquids, for example: Palm or coconut oil.
  • In the second group The conversion of unsaturated fat to saturated fat occurs. hydrogenation processThis process is usually used to extend the shelf life of consumption and at the same time improve the texture. Foods found at this location include candy, cookies, ice cream, margarine, microwave popcorn. Baked and industrial baked goods, prepared foods such as empanadas, croquettes, pasta and pizza. commercial sauce and sweet and salty snacks
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What are the benefits of good fat?

  1. They produce energy in our body.
  2. They regulate hormones
  3. They transport vitamins.
  4. They provide vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  5. Prevent cell inflammation
Cooked food is classified as bad fat.Cooked food is classified as bad fat.

How much fat should I consume?

The exact amount of fat consumed was found to provide the required energy and not cause weight gain. in 30%Although the World Health Organization in 2018 set more specific guidelines to prevent the increase in diseases in society, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory disease, or diabetes For this reason, it is accepted that the daily consumption of Saturated fat should be reduced to 10% and Trans fat 1%. In addition, he also called on various governments to This is done by reducing or eliminating the fat content of foods intended for human consumption.

Low-fat products

But at this point, many people may be wondering whether the low-fat products offered so far are any good. In this case, it must be said that these foods remove saturated fat from their content and consumers. They tend to trust without having to look at the other ingredients and so that the taste is not bitter What they usually do after getting rid of this fat is add sugarTherefore, according to the popular proverb, “The cure is worse than the disease” because consuming too much sugar can lead to diseases such as obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure.

According to the WHO, you should consume 1% trans fat.According to the WHO, you should consume 1% trans fat.

In summary, consumers are advised to pay close attention to all ingredients listed on the labels of each product and well informed since last year There are many scams being spread where all carbohydrates and fats are destroyed. And sugar consumption is increasing.

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