weight loss patch reviews side effects.- Know what is the truth of weight loss patch.

These days the market is full of such things which are beyond the imagination of a common man. From shapers for weight loss to fat burning gels, there are already many that claim to lose weight without moving your waist. A new product has been added to this series, Weight Loss Patch. It is being claimed that stubborn belly fat can also be reduced by regular use of the weight loss patch. What are these weight loss patches and what is the truth of their claims? Let’s check on the health shots.

what is weight loss patch

Weight loss patches are like bandages. Advertisements appearing on social media claim that it contains ingredients that will help the wearer lose weight. After applying an adhesive patch, they can transfer the material through the skin to your body.

For this it has to be applied on the body, especially on the navel. It is being said that it works in the same way as weight loss pills. But instead of taking it orally, it is applied to the skin in the form of a patch. Thereby the active ingredients enter your skin through the patch. From there, they move into your bloodstream and allegedly begin melting away fat.

what date is the weight loss patch
Weight loss patches are available in many varieties. Images – Adobe Stock

Many varieties of these weight loss patches are also available in the market. There are also some which have a small ball filled with some material, which goes inside your navel. This patch is applied at the place where the weight is to be reduced.

There are 3 types of weight loss patches available in the market

Weight loss patches include various ingredients that claim to be natural and plant-based. There are also many different types of patches available.

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1 acai berry

Some brands claim weight loss patches to contain acai berry. Acai is a fruit found on the plum tree of the Amazon. Acai is rich in antioxidants. When you consume antioxidant-rich foods, you reduce the oxidative stress in your body.

Obesity and type 2 diabetes cause an increase in oxidative stress. So there is a possibility that consuming antioxidants may be of little help in helping to manage those conditions.

2 Green Coffee Bean Extract

While another type of patch is being claimed to have green coffee bean extract. Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans. This ingredient is also used in weight loss patches that are claimed to help control weight. When it comes to research, there is very little research to prove that it helps with weight loss.

3 Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a much-loved ingredient in weight loss patches. It is found in the trees of Asia, Africa and the Polynesian Islands. The fruit contains hydroxycitric acid which reduces fat cells by reducing appetite.

When we consume fewer calories it helps to lose weight but there is very little evidence to prove whether garcinia cambogia really works in this way to lose weight.

weight loss mei kaise madad krta hai patch
Only exercise and healthy lifestyle can help you to get rid of obesity. Image – shutterstock

Are there any confirmed benefits?

Weight Loss Patch is considered a dietary supplement. Therefore, it is not yet controlled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of any country. Nor is there any FDA approved weight loss patch on the market. While some of these products are misleading, some are harmful as well.

When tested by the USFDA, many dietary supplements were found to contain unlisted ingredients. This includes drugs that require a prescription, banned substances and ingredients without adequate studies in humans, and substances that have not yet been studied in humans.

What is the opinion of experts about weight loss patches?

Amita Mishra is the founder, lifestyle and yoga expert of Discipline. Amita Mishra says that weight loss patches are the new confusing product in the market. As till now oils and gels have been sold. Neither they have any benefit nor do we recommend their use. The fat reduction that is shown on TV and in the online market is just a visual effect, not the reality. Most of all it is shown for belly fat reduction. While it does not work to burn fat of stomach, waist, thigh or any part of the body.

Amita advises that it is better to lose weight by exercising and controlling diet than relying on these misleading products for weight loss. Not only will this help you lose weight, but your overall health will also benefit.

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