Using buttermilk for skin can do wonders. Applying buttermilk on the face can improve the skin.

Summer has started and in this season the skin gets badly affected due to dust, dirt, harmful rays of the sun and sweating. In such a situation, it is very important to use sunscreen regularly to protect the skin, but this is not enough. Skin needs other care too. In this case, the use of buttermilk ie buttermilk will give you a natural glow while protecting the skin from summer impurities.

Buttermilk is a type of fermented drink, which is rich in probiotics. It is sour in taste but it contains many important nutrients which are considered very beneficial for your overall health as well as skin health. In such a situation, apart from including it in the diet, you can also apply it on your skin. So today we will tell you how the use of buttermilk is beneficial for the skin, as well as know the right way to use it (how to use buttermilk for skin).

Include buttermilk in regular diet for healthy skin

According to the National Library of Medicine, the probiotics present in buttermilk help in removing toxins from the body while keeping the digestive system balanced. Probiotics are a type of turmeric bacteria, which increase the number of good bacteria in the intestines and keep the overall digestive process healthy.

Its intake provides coolness to the body from inside, as well as keeps the stomach completely clean and cool. In such a situation, there are no digestive problems like constipation, indigestion. As you may know, a healthy digestive system is very important for skin health. Similarly, by consuming buttermilk, acne, pimples and other skin problems caused by the heat of the stomach do not bother you.

aton ke liye faydemand hai buttermilk
Buttermilk maintains the health of the intestines. Image: AdobeStock

According to a study published by Pub Med Central, the B vitamins and vitamin D present in buttermilk are beneficial for overall health. Its intake keeps the body fully hydrated and helps in staying energetic for a long time. Also, its consumption keeps you satisfied for a long time, due to which you do not have the problem of frequent hunger and you reduce the intake of oily and junk food. Avoiding oily substances is very important for a healthy skin.

Topical use of buttermilk on the skin is effective in these problems.

1. Acts as a Natural Cleanser

Acting as a natural cleanser, buttermilk draws out impurities in the pores. Its use removes dead skin cells and also prevents bacterial growth on the skin. Its astringent property and lactic acid give deep cleansing to the skin. Also makes glowing naturally.

Prepare buttermilk cleanser like this

To make homemade buttermilk cleanser, mix 3 spoons of buttermilk, one spoon of olive oil, one spoon of almond oil, 5-7 drops of rose water together.

Now apply it on your skin and massage the skin in circular motion with light hands.

After that leave them on the skin for about 15 to 20 minutes and then clean the skin with normal water.

The problem of skin tanning is beneficial.
Buttermilk is effective in skin tanning. Image – shutterstock

2. Reduces Sun Tanning

Lactic acid and milk protein are found in abundance in buttermilk. In this case, its use helps in removing impurities and dead skin cells from the skin. Lactic acid acts as an exfoliating agent to remove the damaged layer from the skin. It also promotes skin cell turnover and helps in the growth of new cells. With its use, the skin tone becomes normal, the skin looks healthy and glowing.

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If you are worried about tanning then use buttermilk in this way

To use buttermilk in sun tanning, first mix four spoons of buttermilk, one spoon of rose water, one spoon of honey and one spoon of aloe vera gel together.

Apply it all over your skin and massage the skin for some time in circular motion.

Now leave it on the skin for some time.

Then clean the skin thoroughly with normal water.

3. Effective in premature aging

Antioxidants are found in sufficient amount in buttermilk, which reduces the effect of free radicals on the skin. Along with this, it also increases the turnover of your skin cells. Consumption of buttermilk removes toxins from your body due to which digestion remains balanced. Along with this, your blood also remains toxin free. In such a situation, the signs of aging are not visible before time.

To avoid this problem use it like this

To avoid problems related to children, you can include buttermilk in the diet.

Apart from this, the use of buttermilk mask will also protect the skin from premature ageing. For this, first take half a banana, mash it well. Add two spoons of buttermilk to it and add one spoon of honey.

Mix all these ingredients together well and prepare a smooth paste.

Now apply this paste all over your skin. Leave it for some time, then clean it with normal water.

benefits of buttermilk
Beneficial in the problem of premature ageing. Image: shutterstock

4. Can be used for exfoliation

The lactic acid present in buttermilk harbors a host of good bacteria, making it a great exfoliator for the skin. Also, it cleans the skin pores from inside and gives it a natural glow.

use like this

Add 1/4 cup tomato juice to 1/4 buttermilk. Now add one spoon of ground almonds to it and prepare a smooth paste by mixing it all well.

Now apply this paste on the skin. Then exfoliate the skin in circular motion with light hands.

Then leave it for about 10 minutes. After that clean the skin with normal water.

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