use honey in these 6 ways to avoid prickly heat naturally.

Excessive heat and frequent sweating lead to heat rash. Pores start getting clogged due to sweating inside the skin. Due to this the problem of pimples starts increasing. Superfood, which is often used for cough, cold and weight loss, i.e. honey also works to clean our skin. Applying it on the face not only increases the glow of the face but also prevents skin related problems like prickly heat. Honey, which protects the skin as a natural moisturizer, can be mixed with many ingredients and applied on the face. This makes the face look clean and beautiful.

How honey is beneficial for the skin

According to NCBI, honey is such a medicine, which contains antioxidants, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative elements. Apart from this, anticancer and antimetastatic elements are also found in it. It is used to control and treat many types of wounds, cancer, heart related diseases including asthma. It contains flavonoids and polyphenols, two important bioactive molecules. which act as antioxidants.

what are prickly heat

As the temperature rises, small rashes start appearing on the face, back and neck. Due to heat and humidity, heat rash occurs. Sometimes wearing silk clothes also increases this problem. Actually, the wind gets crushed easily in cotton clothes, which is best for summer. Apart from this, rashes start occurring even after going out in the sun. In this case, definitely use sunscreen.

Use honey in these 6 ways to get rid of heat rash and improve skin health

Honey is beneficial for the skin. images shutterstock

Olive oil and honey

Mix half a teaspoon of olive oil in one teaspoon of honey and apply on the face. With this, the face is not only exfoliated, but you also get rid of scars and pimples on the face. Small donations on the face due to heat spoil the beauty of the face. These two ingredients easily available in mom’s kitchen can enhance your beauty.

2 Tomatoes and Honey

Cut a tomato and mix three spoons of honey in it. Now blend it. After this, apply it on the face with the help of a brush. Lycopene is found in tomatoes rich in anti-oxidants. Which works to keep the pH level balanced. Apart from this, it also improves the skin tone. It is also an effective remedy for tanning that often occurs in summer.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

For this, roast one tablespoon in a bowl and add two teaspoons of honey, one tablespoon of sugar and two tablespoons of green tea to it. Keep in mind that the tea should not be boiling. After this prepare this mixture and apply it on the face. This also solves the problem of pigmentation apart from prickly heat and blemishes.

honey face mask
Increase the natural glow of the skin by adopting these home remedies. Image: shutterstock

4 Yogurt and Honey

Curd rich in probiotics works to remove the problem of dryness and prickly heat on our face. For this, mix two spoons of honey and half a lemon in a bowl of curd. Leave this paste on the face for 10 to 15 minutes. After that wash the face with normal water. The face starts to look radiant.

5 Nutmeg and Honey

To get rid of summer heat rash, mix two spoons of honey in one spoon of nutmeg powder and then massage the face with light hands. This removes the oil and stains on the face.

6 Mashed Cucumber and Honey

To prepare this face pack, peel and grate the cucumber. After that leave the cucumber water as it is and avoid squeezing it. After that add two spoons of honey to the cucumber. Now apply it all over the face and neck as well. If you want, you can also apply it on the back. Due to this, the dirt present on the back, neck and face comes out automatically. Along with this, pors oven starts happening. Gradually the problem of pimples starts going away.

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