Understand the 5 Akshaya Mantra for healthy and long life.

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Money, facilities, fame are all increasing. But life expectancy is decreasing. Negligence in heart health is one of the biggest reasons for this. Be it a common man or a big-time celebrity of Bollywood, a large number of people are losing their lives due to deteriorating heart health. The biggest reason for this is the negligence towards the health of the heart. One, the lifestyle, eating habits, living and environment are all affecting the heart negatively, on top of that, if they are not given proper care then it is normal for their health to deteriorate. Especially after Kovid-19, the risk of all heart-related problems has increased even more.

If you have been neglecting your heart health till date, then be careful now. Ignoring some mistakes in regular routine and wrong lifestyle habits can take a toll on your heart health, due to which the risk of heart failure, stroke, attack etc. increases. So let’s know, what are the important things to pay attention to in order to maintain the health of the heart (Akshaya Tritiya Mantra for Healthy life).

Heart age of youth is decreasing

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease is the biggest cause of increasing mortality worldwide. About 17.9 million people lose their lives every year due to heart related diseases.

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Good morning habits can save you from heart attack. Image: shutterstock

Of the total deaths in India in 2016, 27% were due to cardiovascular diseases. Apart from this, heart disease was also responsible for the death of 45% of people in the age group of 40 to 59. At the same time, there has been a rapid increase in heart-related diseases after the coronavirus.

Heart will be healthy only then life will be long, know 5 renewable mantras for this

1. Avoid waking up late at night

According to a study published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, insomnia i.e. lack of sleep promotes high blood pressure and heart disease. Along with this, other problems that promote heart related problems such as high cholesterol level, obesity, diabetes, etc. are also promoted.

By not sleeping at night, we develop bad habits in ourselves, due to which the health of the heart is also negatively affected.
When you are sleeping, your blood pressure becomes absolutely normal. In such a situation, due to lack of sleep, there is a problem of high blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

2. Make yourself emotionally strong

According to a report published by the University of Rochester, when you are under emotional stress, or surrounded by some kind of emotional pressure, the level of cortisol hormones in the body starts increasing. If the cortisol hormone remains high for a long time, then cholesterol, blood sugar level and blood pressure also start increasing. Along with this, stress also promotes the factors of plaque accumulation in the arteries. Thus emotional stress affects the health of the heart.

Controlling your emotions is very important for healthy heart health. Many people take small things to heart and are surrounded by emotional tension for many days due to the same thing, due to which their own body is greatly harmed. In such a situation, make yourself as strong as possible mentally and emotionally and do not let everyone’s words hurt you.

3. Knowledge of financial stress management is necessary

Financial stress can also be responsible for deteriorating heart health. Financial stress is not actually caused by money, no matter how much money you earn, you will definitely lack something or the other. Just like emotional stress, in financial stress, cortisol hormones start increasing in the body. Due to this, there is a problem of cholesterol, blood sugar level, high blood pressure which increases the risk of heart related diseases.

To manage financial stress, first you have to keep yourself satisfied. After this budget planning and financial management is most important. When you take your finance with planning then you will not have to face financial stress.

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4. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

Smoking and alcohol consumption play a major role in deteriorating heart health. These wrong lifestyle habits increase the pressure on the heart and trigger anxiety and depression. This affects your immunity and increases the level of LDL. According to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, all these factors promote heart related diseases. To maintain heart health, completely avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

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Increases blood circulation in the body. Image: AdobeStock

5. Exercise

The most basic advice given to people suffering from heart diseases and wishing to have a healthy heart is exercise and yoga. Physical stagnation produces fat in the body which increases the accumulation of fat in the liver. Along with this, the level of LDL in the body increases rapidly due to which there is a risk of blockage of arteries. Thus physical stagnation promotes problems related to the heart.

Participate in yoga and exercise regularly. It increases blood circulation in the body, so that the heart does not have to work harder to supply blood.

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