Top Fitness Facts and Myths of Gen 2023 Know Top Fitness Facts and Myths of 2023.

Your goal for the new year is to stay fit. Did you know that in 2023 you might be following a lot of myths, which may cause you harm instead of benefit? Know these 5 myths, it is important to know the correct facts.

It’s almost the end of the year. To maintain good health is important. Proper exercise is important. Exercise not only helps in losing weight. But it also helps increase physical strength. In 2023, you’ve probably heard many stories from your friends. colleague and family while traveling for exercise Some of this may be true. Some of it may just be a legend. It is possible that people may tell you lies just for your benefit. But the wrong belief Some things can do more harm than good to your fitness journey. It is important to recognize these myths. related to fitness So that you know the misconceptions that spread in the world of fitness and their truth, here are the 5 biggest fitness myths. (Top Fitness Facts and Myths of 2023) The facts are important to know.

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Here are the top fitness beliefs and facts of 2023.

Myth 1: Exercising before breakfast can burn fat faster.

fact: The reason behind this is If you don’t have food in your stomach Your body burns harmful fat in cells for energy. Things don’t work like that. Our bodies rely on a combination of carbohydrates and fats for energy. You don’t have to rely on the fat contained in your fat cells to power your workout. It depends on the accumulation of muscle and fat debris within the blood flow. Being hungry can cause dizziness. high blood sugar and dehydration Exercise intensity may decrease.

Fruit or low-fat yogurt

Eat fruit or low-fat yogurt for breakfast at least an hour before your first workout. If the exercise is not difficult or takes less than an hour You can exercise normally. If you exercise hard, drinking milk, whey protein shake or fresh fruit within half an hour before will be good for your body.

Myth 2: An hour of exercise is beneficial. (Benefits of 1 hour exercise)

fact: Most people believe that exercising for long periods of time will be more beneficial In one study The researchers divided the participants into two groups. One group exercised for an hour. While the other group exercised for only 30 minutes, the study lasted for three months. Researchers found that those who took the full hour lost no more weight or fat than participants in the 30-minute group.

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Should be jogging
Activities like jogging for 30 minutes can also be helpful. Image: Adobe Stock

Jogging 30 minutes

The weight or fat loss was minimal compared to the energy the participants expended each hour. They eat more which leads to weight loss. Those who exercised for half an hour per session were more enthusiastic post-workout than participants who exercised for an hour. Exercise doesn’t have to take an hour or more. Activities such as 30 minutes of jogging or five minutes of brisk walking are also helpful. It is important to incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle.

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Myth 3: There is no need to get additional protein in your diet.

fact: The myth is that we are already consuming too much protein. You shouldn’t take it anymore. The body uses protein to build muscle and repair it after exercise. If you exercise regularly Protein intake is also important. Exercises like resistance training break down muscle protein faster. People who exercise regularly can consume 1.2-2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Those who do not exercise can consume 0.8 grams of protein.

Foods high in protein can meet nutritional needs. If you want to take dietary supplements You can take protein bars, powders, shakes, and capsules.

Myth 4: Running can cause osteoarthritis.

Fact: Running is a high-impact exercise that puts pressure on the hips, knees, and ankles, leading to the belief that long distance running wears out knee cartilage. This can cause osteoarthritis over time. Osteoarthritis causes chronic pain. This concern is reasonable.

Tense movements can damage joints. (Facts and myths about popular exercise in 2023) and can lead to disease.
Overweight people and those with existing joint injuries may experience increased joint pain from running.

Running can cause arthritis.
Tense movements can damage joints. Image: Adobe Stock

Myth 5: Sweating during exercise helps flush out toxins from the body. (Sweating during exercise helps to remove toxins.)

Fact: Some studies have found toxins in sweat. But the amount of toxins extracted from this sweat is very small. It’s like a drop in a bucket, so sweating isn’t a reliable way to flush out toxins. The liver and kidneys do this. They do this through urine and feces. Sweating is simply a function of thermoregulation.

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The role of exercise in eliminating toxins cannot be ignored. (Top Fitness Facts and Myths in 2023) It helps in this process by keeping the liver and kidneys in good condition.

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