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Feeling hungry is a common thing, but feeling hungry again and again can cause an increase in calorie intake in the body. In today’s era, junk food has become a part of people’s diet. Junk food stuffed with various spices, sausages and cheese is the first choice of many people. However, we all know that our body may have to suffer due to this. Despite this, we start consuming more of it, due to which we start having cravings to eat junk food again and again. Know the easy ways to deal with itHow to reduce cravings,

1. Drink more water

If you feel hungry again and again, drink water instead of eating something. This not only keeps our entire body hydrated but also avoids excessive calorie intake. If you keep drinking water once in a while, you can easily overcome the problem of food cravings.

2. Take protein rich diet

If you take more amount of protein in your meal, then it starts reducing cravings. Actually, protein is one such main component, which strengthens the skin, muscles, bones, hair and nails. There are 20 types of amino acids in protein. This gives strength to the body.

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High fat diet can ruin your gut health. Image: shutterstock

3. Make fermented food a part of the meal

With this, our body gets healthy probiotics. For this, you can consume yogurt in the meal, tempeh prepared from fermented soybeans and kimchi prepared from fermented vegetables. This affects our gut health and we avoid cravings.

4. Walk in the open air for sometime

Take out 15 to 20 minutes a day and go for a walk. This increases happiness and energy in the body. At the same time, attention does not run towards food again and again. Apart from this, squats also work to keep your body healthy.

How to manage your weekly diet plan

day 1

For breakfast, you can have tamfe made from fermented soybeans.
A bowl of lentils and a mixed vegetable bowl is healthy for lunch.
Eat Poha with Pea Nuts in the evening snack.
Vegetable and fruit salad can be eaten in dinner.

day 2

Drink vegetable smoothie in breakfast, which will work to keep you fresh.
Eat two chapattis, a bowl of curd and ghee curry for lunch.
You can eat semolina cheela in the evening snack.
Have vegetable soup for dinner.

day 3

Have fruits with curd in breakfast
Have a bowl of mixed vegetable oats for lunch
Eat baked appe of semolina in the evening snack
You can have healthy cauliflower rice for dinner

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A healthy diet can help in rooting out any health problem. Image: shutterstock

day 4

Ragi appam can be taken for breakfast.
You can have bajra roti and mixed vegetable raita for lunch.
Chia pudding can be eaten in the evening snack
You can eat baked beans in dinner.

day 5

Healthy Oatmeal with Difruits can be taken in breakfast
Whole wheat flour roti and a bowl of soyabean vegetable in lunch
You can have avocado mylo beverage in the evening snack.
Have a taco salad for dinner.

day 6

You can have boiled toast for breakfast.
Vegetable Pulao with Cucumber Curd can be eaten for lunch.
Roasted broccoli can be taken in the evening snack.
You can have Beetroot Kheer without sugar in dinner.

day 7

You can have multigrain methi thepla for breakfast.
Cabbage Uttapam and Bathua Raita can be eaten for lunch.
Tomato broth can be taken in the evening snack.
You can take samak khichdi for dinner.

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