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After washing the hair, sometimes it becomes difficult to untangle them. While detangling the hair with the help of a comb, bunches of hair start coming in the hand. On the one hand, the worry of hair fall starts troubling, and on the other hand, due to the stretching of the hair, they start breaking even more. This makes the hair weak. If you are also looking for a way to detangle long hair, then you can solve your problem by adopting these tips.

Know these easy ways to detangle hair

1. Leave in Conditioner

Many times our bars become so frizzy that solving them seems like a tough task. Along with making hair shiny and smooth, hair can be easily detangled with the help of leave-in conditioner. After washing the hair, let them dry for a while. When hair is slightly damp, apply leave-in conditioner to it. Take three to four drops of conditioner in hand and apply them on the aegis. After that leave the hair open. Keep in mind that leaving two inches from the roots, apply it to the hair.

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Leave-in conditioner is beneficial for detangling hair. images adobe stock

2. Use a Soft Brush

Many times this type of comb or brush is used to untangle the hair, due to which the hair starts breaking. In fact, their braces are so harsh that they can damage your hair as well as the skin on your scalp. To avoid this situation, always use a brush with soft bristles. Due to this, the risk of hair breakage is less and they are easily solved.

3. Oiling is necessary

If you have long and thick hair, first apply a small amount of coconut oil. This causes greasiness in the hair. Now the hair starts detangling on its own. Apart from this, if your hair is more tangled due to some reason, then apply oil to your hair overnight and sleep. Comb your hair after waking up in the morning. This reduces the risk of hair breakage.

4. Linseed water

If your hair is tangled, you can use flax seed water to untangle it. For this, put two tablespoons of linseed seeds in a bowl of water and let it boil for some time. When the water turns into a gel, turn off the gas. Now let that gel cool down. After that apply it on the hair with the help of a brush. This will easily detangle your hair.


Many times in a hurry, we damage the hair due to untangling it. Which proves to be the cause of hairfall. For this, divide your hair into two parts. After partitioning, untangle half of the hair at once and the rest of the hair in the second turn slowly. If your locks are very thick, you can also divide your hair into four sections instead of two.

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Hair loss can be scary and sometimes out of control. Images – Adobe Stock

take care of these things

After washing the hair, do not leave them in the towel for a long time. Due to this the moisture of the hair is lost. Also, there is a high risk of hair getting tangled.

Tying wet hair not only causes foul smell in the hair. Also the hair gets tangled. In this case, leave the wet hair open and wait for it to dry completely.

Avoid blow drying after washing hair. Due to this the problem of hair fall persists. Limit the use of heat on hair.

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