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With age, there is a decrease in the volume of the hair. However, in today’s era, this problem is commonly seen in the youth as well. The crown area is the part of the scalp that gets highlighted first. Improper eating habits, any chronic disease or not being able to use the right hair products become the reason for this problem to flourish. In today’s time, people have started experimenting with hair. Also, styling the hair in different ways can prove to be the cause of this problem. Know some easy remedies for hair growth on the crown area. ,crown area hair loss

During hair treatment, our hair comes under the grip of many chemicals. This damages the hair follicles and sometimes the hair also becomes a victim of dryness. After that many treatments are also done to smoothen the hair. Due to all these activities, the volume of the hair starts decreasing. Know some easy tips to increase the volume of hair on the crown area and overcome the problem of hair fall.

These 4 ingredients present at home can control crown area hair loss

1. Amla is effective

Amla i.e. Gooseberry which is used in large quantity by the leg. You can take it in the form of pickle, marmalade or juice. From the slices of amla rich in vitamin C to its seeds and leaves, everything proves beneficial for the body. The enzymes present in it work to increase the growth of our hair.

how to use

First let it boil in water. After that separate its pulp. Now mix essential oil in the pulp and apply it on the hair. Wash it off after keeping it on the hair for half an hour. With its continuous use, your hair will look healthy and soft. Apart from this, you will feel active even with the continuous consumption of Amla juice. With this, the deficiency of antioxidants in the body can be fulfilled.

Amla apke balo ko naturally black rakhne me helpful hai
Amla is helpful in keeping your hair naturally black. Image: shutterstock

2. Shikakai

It is a herb that has been used for centuries for everything from darkening hair to increasing its volume. You can use it in the form of powder, shampoo and oil. This antioxidant-rich herb is also used topically on the skin. It can be used in many ways to solve the problem of dandruff and lifeless hair.

how to use

To apply it to the hair, take a bowl of water and mix two teaspoons of shikai powder in it. Now let it soak overnight. Apply this powder to your hair in the morning and apply it on the crown area with the help of a brush. Wash it after keeping it in the hair for 12 to 15 hours.

According to another method, mix three to four spoons of curd, one spoon of aloe vera and one spoon of coconut oil in two spoons of shikakai powder. Apply this mixture in the hair. Leave this pack on the crown area. After that wash it.

3. Honey

Honey is easily available in our kitchen. The problem of anemia can be overcome by taking honey, which is sometimes used as a medicine and sometimes as a sweetener, with lukewarm water. Apart from this, the problem of fatigue and breathlessness is also reduced. Honey is used to nourish the scar. Can restore skin tone and hair shine lost in summer.

how to use

Honey, known as energy food, can be mixed with olive oil and applied on the face. For this, mix equal amount of milk and same amount of olive oil in one teaspoon of honey. Now apply it on the crown area with light hands, it improves the texture of the hair. Wash your hair after applying it for an hour.

Honey for hair growth
Honey proves to be very helpful in hair growth. images adobestock

4. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds, rich in vitamins, magnesium and calcium, are full of many benefits. From the risk of type 2 diabetes, it works to overcome the problem of overweight. Iron-rich fenugreek seeds take special care of hair health.

how to use

Soak two spoons of fenugreek seeds rich in vitamin A in water overnight. Add equal quantity of fennel seeds to it. Sieve after soaking in water overnight. Now prepare a thick paste of it. Apply this paste on the roots of the hair. Apply it first on the crown area. You remove it after 2 to 3 hours with normal water and wash the hair with mild shampoo. Due to this, the dryness of the hair will automatically go away.

Take special care of these things

Minimize the use of hot tools. In fact, hot tools suck the moisture out of our hair. Due to this, dryness starts increasing in the hair. Hair breakage and fall can be prevented by making changes to your styling routine.

Avoid itching the scalp. This makes the hair follicles weak and prone to damage. Massage the head with light hands even during the massage. Otherwise, its effect starts appearing on the hair of the crown area.

Trimming is very important for hair growth. If you are worried about split ends and hair growth, then do trimming from time to time.

Avoid washing hair daily. Due to this the problem of hair loss starts increasing. Sometimes harsh shampoos can also cause problems.

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