Know How to Use Amla for Skin – Know How to Use Amla for Skin

We all know what is good for our health and what is not. However, we are also attracted to unhealthy foods and continue to eat them. Hormones may play a role behind this.

Hormones can be responsible for many things in your body. Hormones determine how we sleep, wake up, work, our health, and even what we eat. Both hormonal balance and imbalance have profound effects on your health. You are concerned about your health and avoid things that are sweet, salty, or oily. However, sometimes the cravings grow so much that you lose all control. Tell us about those important hormones. (Hormonal effect on appetite) which destroys your weight loss journey.

Hormonal imbalance makes it almost impossible to say no to foods that can harm your health. Let’s learn about 3 hormones that affect your cravings. and what you can do to control it

Want to know more? We spoke with Dr. Rajeshwari Panda, HOD from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Medicover Hospital, Navi Mumbai. He gave us information on the impact of hormonal imbalance on health and 3 essential hormones.

How to balance hormones
Hormonal imbalances make it nearly impossible to say no to foods that can harm your health. Image- Adobe Stock

Imbalances in these three hormones contribute to the development of unhealthy food cravings.

1 The hormone cortisol increases stress.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone, also known as a stress hormone. These hormones are released by your adrenal glands, which are located above your kidneys. The adrenal glands release cortisol when you are under stress. (Whether it’s a relationship or a deadline)

The problem arises when those tensions don’t go away. Many people continue to experience stress for long periods of time. The more stress there is, The craving for junk food will only increase.

Persistently high cortisol levels can increase your appetite. and leads to overeating and weight gain. Hormones also help maintain the body’s energy and can cause stubborn belly fat that is very difficult to lose.

How to manage cortisol

Dr Rajeshwari said, “Stress is not something we can completely eliminate from our lives. Instead, we have to find ways to deal with it. So that it doesn’t affect your life too much, try meditating, start practicing yoga, and prioritize sleep. and consume a lot of omega-3 fats.”

2. The hormone leptin increases appetite.

Leptin is a hormone found in fat cells and enterocytes, mostly in the small intestine. Helps regulate energy balance by suppressing appetite. when you eat food These hormones signal your brain that you are full. and you should stop eating But when this communication doesn’t work properly Signs of fullness do not reach your brain. This is because you are constantly eating and your weight increases.

How to balance leptin

Sleep is an important regulator of leptin levels and appetite in general. Fruits like veld grapes help regulate hunger hormones. Additionally, proper yoga and a healthy lifestyle can help regulate hunger hormones.

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Stress can cause food cravings.
The more stress there is, The more you eat, the more your appetite for junk food will increase. Image – Adobe Stock

3 Glucagon-1-like peptides

This is a hormone produced when food enters the small intestine and tells the brain that we are full. It also helps regulate feelings of hunger and fullness.

Glucagon-1-like peptide levels Good for health may help reduce cravings. Increase positive emotions when eating and prevent overeating Bad lifestyle habits, such as sleeping less or getting less sleep And eating sugary and processed foods lowers its levels and increases appetite.

How to balance hormones similar to glucagon peptide-1

Eating more dietary fiber Especially fermented dietary fiber or prebiotics. It will cause hormone levels to increase. You should get 21-38 grams of fiber every day. Add high-fiber foods (such as avocados, lentils, and chickpeas) to your diet.

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