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Everyone is worried about keeping the body fit. The solution to this problem lies with you. If its time is fixed along with a balanced and nutritious breakfast, then the weight will be reduced easily and the health will also be good. For this, it will be right for you to set the time. Along with exercise, gym, yoga, exercise, dieting, breakfast also plays an important role in your fitness. So let’s know some important things about fitness and breakfast (breakfast to lose weight).
Embarrassment is also felt due to lack of belly fat. For this reason, it is often seen that self-confidence also decreases due to obesity. Because everyone wants to look slim and beautiful. Weight can be reduced by having breakfast keeping in mind the time. Belly fat increases continuously in the body due to not paying attention to time. According to experts, by fixing the time of breakfast today, the weight can be reduced by about five kilos.

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What do dietitians say

Dietician Anubhav Saxena says that in today’s era people start having breakfast or food whenever they feel like it. Which is wrong, there should be a time for whatever you consume. So that there is no stress on the digestive system of the body. Eating more food in less time puts more stress on the digestive system.

There is a deep connection between weight loss and breakfastbond

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Keep the body fit by following the tips given by the dietician. Image- Shutter Stock

In the modern era, the time of sleeping and waking up of people has changed. Due to which the time of eating and drinking has also changed. In earlier times, people used to eat food as soon as the sun went down and also used to have breakfast in time.
Means there was a gap of at least 14 to 16 hours between breakfast and dinner, which was correct. Then people did not have to work so hard to keep their body fit. Even in today’s era, the gap between dinner and breakfast should be between 14 to 16 hours.

That’s why belly fat increases

In the changing lifestyle, people have also spoiled their eating time. Waking up till late night, having a night out, eating and drinking during this time. Having breakfast after waking up in the morning. Not giving time to the digestive system to do its job. Belly fat starts increasing due to not having a gap of 14 to 16 hours between dinner and breakfast. To keep it under control, it is necessary to take care of time.

Have breakfast at 9-10

Experts say that there should be a time gap between what you eat between night and morning. In today’s era, to keep the body fit, it would be right to have breakfast between 9 to 10 in the morning.
Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London says that in order to lose weight in modern times, breakfast should not be consumed till 11 am. Doing this first promotes obesity.

night time routine to gain weight
Can help you in weight loss. Image: shutterstock

14 hours fasting is necessary

A gap of 14 hours is necessary between dinner and breakfast as mentioned in the research report. If you have dinner from 8 to 9 in the night, then have breakfast at 11 in the morning. If you have to have breakfast early then you have to have dinner early. This will help in detoxing the body and keeping weight under control.

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