These are the things to keep in mind while exercising with a trainer. 5 Things to keep in mind while exercising with a trainer.

We exercise with trainers in the gym. But we failed to take into account some important things. Just as it is necessary to warm up before exercising. It is also very important to keep a few things in mind before exercising with a trainer.

We went to the gym but didn’t pay attention to what the trainer said. You need to keep a few things in mind before exercising and exercising under the guidance of a trainer. This will be a helpful step in reaching your exercise and fitness goals. From here, your trainer will be able to teach you exercises based on your body’s needs. You will be able to improve your daily routine. They will be comfortable teaching you how to exercise properly. to achieve the goal You must consider these 5 things before exercising with a trainer.

Why exercise with purpose? (Exercise with a trainer) is therefore important.

Exercise takes time and effort. Therefore, it is important to set objectives. Exercise shouldn’t just be something you have to do. In this regard, you will be able to exercise regularly. Your exercises and exercises will be more effective and you will get the most benefit from them. Most importantly, this will help trainers understand what exercises and exercises to do to control weight.”

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5 things to consider before exercising (5 things to consider while exercising with a trainer)

1. Warm up and exercise regularly. (Warm-up exercise every day)

First of all, please note that you should never perform a seemingly difficult exercise without the guidance of a trainer. If your trainer recommends doing a certain number of exercises per week. Follow his or her instructions. If you start doing the necessary exercises yourself Your trainer will be able to point you in the right direction. Do your own normal warm-up exercises for a few minutes at least once during practice. March in your location move your arms Walk on the treadmill.

2. Strength training first

When you strengthen your muscles Your body uses stored sugar called glycogen for energy. Your trainer may recommend cardio and lung exercises to start your aerobic workout. such as walking quickly or dancing Start practicing it slowly. It takes approximately 20 minutes to burn off the glycogen stored in your muscles. Once depleted, the body’s best source of fuel is fat. Now is a better time to try burning fat with aerobic exercise.

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When you strengthen your muscles Your body uses stored sugar for energy. Image – Adobe Stock

3. Relax the muscles.

A strong daily routine will make your muscles stronger. Resting your muscles for a few days gives them time to repair, recover, and become stronger again. One day focuses on your upper body muscles. Focus on your lower body muscles the next day. Work both muscle groups in one workout. But it’s best to take a day off before your next workout. Seven to nine hours of sleep per night is also important to the repair and recovery process. Rest is essential for your muscles and body, especially your brain, blood vessels, and heart.

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4. Change your daily routine.

Doing the same exercise all the time can relax your muscles. They can’t be strong. Challenge your muscles with a variety of exercises. work the same muscles But do it in a slightly different way, like if you’re doing squats. Pay attention to lunges as well.

5. Stretch regularly for 30 seconds (stretch 30 seconds per day)

Stretching helps keep your muscles flexible. This protects them from injury and increases their range of motion. Stretch all major muscle groups at least 2-3 times a week, including your neck, shoulders, chest, torso, lower back, hips, legs, and ankles. Be careful not to jump while stretching. which can damage muscles Stretching for 30 seconds is fine. Stretching for 60 seconds is even more effective.

Benefits of daily stretching exercises
Stretching helps keep muscles flexible. Image: Shutterstock

6. Eat healthy food

Give your body energy that comes from hydration and good food. Three to six cups of fluids each day, including water, juice, or water-rich foods such as soup, are necessary. If you sweat a lot during exercise You will need more liquid. Eat a plant-based diet, emphasizing vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains. Eat moderate amounts of fish and chicken. Avoid red or processed meat.

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