These 5 besan face packs can give you flawless glowing skin. Try these 5 DIY face packs of gram flour to get flawless and glowing skin.

The face is faced with strong sunlight, pollution and smoke as soon as it comes out in summer. This causes sweating and stickiness on the skin. As a result, tanning and acne appear on the face. Along with this, the glow of the face also starts decreasing. Gram flour is a great and healthy option to improve the heat scorched skin and prevent premature wrinkles on the face. By applying it on the face, you can protect yourself from many skin related problems. Know some special home remedies of gram flour (Gram flour remedies for glowing skin,

Let us know how to apply gram flour on the face

1. Gram flour and aloe vera remove stains

Aloe vera is a great option for moisturizing the face. You can mix it with gram flour and apply it on the face daily. Due to this, the amount of collagen in the skin starts increasing. To remove the spots formed after acne on the face, mix one teaspoon of gram flour with equal amount of aloe vera gel. Now prepare a solution of it. Mix a few drops of rose water in it. Apply this prepared paste on the face and let it dry. After that wash the face. This maintains the moisture of the skin. Along with this, there is also relief from wrinkles that come on the skin untimely.

2. Gram flour, turmeric and milk will remove the problem of acne

Due to stickiness on the face in the summer season, there is a risk of pimples. The oil and dirt deposited on the face take the form of acne. To avoid this problem, mix two spoons of milk and a pinch of raw turmeric in one spoon of gram flour. Now prepare a scrub by mixing these things completely. Apply it on the face and massage it for some time and then wash it after keeping it for some time. Due to this, the dust particles deposited on the face start coming out naturally and glow remains on the face. Along with this, relief is also given from the pimples that come out again and again on the face.

Besan apki skin ke liye bahut faydemand hai
Gram flour and turmeric are beneficial for your skin. Image: shutterstock

3. Avoid wrinkles with gram flour, honey and Multali Mitti

Rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, Multali Mitti is a very beneficial remedy for the skin. Mix one teaspoon of miltali mitti with equal amounts of gram flour and honey. Now prepare a paste of it. Apply it on the face and neck and leave it for 25 to 30 minutes. This will remove the problem of prematurely formed fine lines on the face. Apart from this, the problem of hanging skin of neck and chin will also be beneficial. While washing the face with water, do a light massage with the fingers. Due to this, the flexibility of the skin increases and the skin starts getting tight.

4. Bring glow on the face with gram flour, banana and lemon juice

Many types of moisturizing creams are used to get glowing skin in summer. At the same time, the mixture of gram flour and banana not only works to remove dead skin cells present in the skin but also brings glow. For this, mix one spoon of lemon juice in one spoon of gram flour and mash one banana and add it. Apply this solution on both face and neck. Massage it on the face and neck for some time. After massaging, leave it on the face for 10 to 15 minutes. After that wash the face with normal water. Due to this, the dryness of the face is removed and the glow on the face remains the same as before.

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Know how to use gram flour for skin. Image: shuttercock

5. Remove tanning with gram flour and curd

Tanning on the face, neck and arms is a common problem as soon as you step out in the summer season. Sometimes sunburn also causes rashes on the skin. In this case, to cool the skin, mix two spoons of curd in two spoons of gram flour and apply it on the face, neck and arms. You can also apply this mixture on the back neck and feet. Wash it after 30 minutes of application. This solves the problem of tanning and the scorched skin becomes soft.

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