Properly done facial can also become your stress buster, know how. Learn how a skin care routine can also act as a stress buster.

Have you ever noticed this? While the beautician is massaging your faces, you feel lethargic. You forget all kinds of stress-increasing things and get relaxed. During this you can also get sound sleep. Should it be understood from this that skin care or massage has a direct effect on mental health. Cosmetologist and training manager of Organic Harvest, Anubhuti Saini says something similar. Regular skin care improves the quality of lifestyle (facial effect on mental health).

Most important is healthy skin

Anubhuti Saini says, ‘The largest part of our body is the skin. We look healthy when the skin is healthy. A skincare routine helps reduce the appearance of pores, blemishes, wrinkles and dark circles. It also helps protect against harmful UV rays and tanning. A good skincare routine keeps the skin hydrated in summers and soft in winters. An effective skincare routine includes cleansing, exfoliation, toning, moisturizing, sun protection cream, and facials regularly.

Skin care through self care

If we talk about a research, a good skincare can also reduce stress in daily life. Skin care can also be a form of self care. If the routine includes night skin care, it can be a great way to release stress and relax. People with glowing skin are more confident. They can’t be stressed. They may feel happier.

skincare ka sahi tareka
A good skincare routine keeps the skin hydrated in summers and soft in winters. Image: shutterstock

Helps in reducing stress hormone

According to Anubhuti, scientific studies were conducted on more than 200 women. It was found that the participants who took regular care of skin and hair with a good skin care routine. It helped them reduce their stress hormone cortisol by about 83% more than the other participants. It was also found that an effective skincare regimen helped boost participants’ self-confidence.

Moisturizing works like exercise

People who do not follow healthy routines like exercise, diet and skin care routine. Such people are more likely to suffer from mood problems, loneliness, unhappiness and lack of confidence. Daily moisturizing included in the routine works like exercise. It helps to keep the thoughts of the mind calm and free from mental tension.

It can also protect against many types of mental illness. In fact, when the skin is taken care of regularly, the mind becomes free from bad thought patterns. Massage triggers brain chemicals that help elevate mood and calm down. The process of both moisturizing and exfoliation is effective.

Homemade moisturizer
Daily moisturizing included in the routine works like exercise. Image: shutterstock

Right skincare products for the skin

According to Anubhuti, it is important to find out what type of skin you have. It is important to know whether the skin is dry or oily or mixed. Choose a skincare product based on your skin type. Skin should always use the right skincare products. Many such products will be found in the market, in which harmful chemicals are mixed. It is important to buy only those products which are 100% certified and organic. An organic skincare product that is free of any adulteration.

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