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pregabalin; What is this medicine for?| health care online

This medicine is often prescribed for the treatment of epilepsy. as well as reducing chronic pain caused by spinal cord injuries. Development of herpes or nerve damage

When starting treatment with any drug, it is necessary to inform yourself as well as talk with a specialist to assess the risk of side effects based on the patient’s clinical history. Determine the amount of medicine that must be taken. and duration of treatment Pregablin is a medicine that belongs to a class of anticonvulsant drugs called anticonvulsants. And its consumption is primarily intended to treat conditions such as epilepsy or chronic pain caused by nerve damage. Pain, numbness, burning, or twitching may occur in your arms, hands, fingers, legs, or feet. It can also occur for reasons such as diabetes or herpes.

It may also be prescribed to treat peripheral or central nerve pain, as a symptom of spinal cord injury, or as a treatment for fibromyalgia as well as general anxiety disorder. But you must consider that The goal of pregabalin is to relieve symptoms, not disease.Therefore, it is common for this medicine to be taken with other medicines.

Pregablin is a medicine that belongs to a class of anticonvulsant drugs called anticonvulsants.

Precautions when starting treatment

All medicines have a number of contraindications that make them unsuitable for consumption by people suffering from certain conditions. That’s the reason. Before starting to use any medicine You should consult a health professional first. to assess the situation and take further action In the case of pregabalin Patients must inform their doctor if they experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Allergic to any medicines or especially to pregabalin. You must also notify if You are allergic to certain ingredients of this medicine. These include corn starch, gelatin, and red iron oxide. or lactose monohydrate
  • If you are following a Adjunctive therapy with other drugsas well as the consumption of all types of dietary supplements or vitamins
  • Condition of the heart system such as heart failure or diseases related to the kidneys
  • If you regularly drink large amounts of alcohol or If you suffer from dependence on another type of drug.
  • Are pregnant or breastfeedingIncluding if you want to have children. Pregabalin therapy may be contraindicated in these cases. Because of possible side effects Therefore, the doctor must assess the situation.
  • If it is programmed All types of surgical intervention.
 Treatment with pregabalin may be contraindicated. Treatment with pregabalin may be contraindicated.

Pregabalin side effects

Like other medicines Pregabalin may cause certain symptoms in people treated with it. These symptoms can range from mild to more severe. Therefore it is necessary to contact a health professional quickly.Some of these symptoms are:

  • behavior changes such as anxiety, depression, feeling euphoric, panicking, or feeling restless. Patients may become more aggressive or violent. along with irritability
  • sleep problemsThese include general fatigue, headaches, or trouble concentrating on tasks. In some cases, you may experience difficulty speaking or memory loss.
  • Feeling sleepy or dizzy For this reason, continuous monitoring is essential for elderly patients who are at risk for falling. In addition, driving or engaging in risky activities such as using heavy machinery is not recommended.
  • stomach problems Such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, increased gas or bloating.
  • Muscle problems, such as tremors or twitchingThese include joint swelling or stiffness and pain.
  • Condition like Seeing double or double visionThe same goes for involuntary eye movements, flashes of light, increased sensitivity. dryness or irritation or tunnel vision
  • Changes in heart rhythm or blood pressure and other changes related to the heart system
  • Concerns about death and isolation from the family environment Consumption of pregabalin in some cases can cause Mental health changes that develop suicidal thoughts and tendencies. When you experience these symptoms, you must immediately notify your doctor to assess the situation and decide whether to continue treatment or not.
Consuming pregabalin can cause changes in mental health. Consuming pregabalin can cause changes in mental health.

How to take medicine

Any medicine has guidelines for consumption, both the appropriate amount and the daily amount. In the case of pregabalin Can be presented in the form of hard capsules. It is available as an oral solution or in slow-release tablets. In the case of capsules and oral solutions The dosage is determined by the doctor and Should be consumed 2 or 3 times a day.With or without food In the case of single-release tablets, it is enough to take it once after dinner. In any case The medicine should not be chewed. But swallow the whole pill And do not eat with alcohol.

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Treatment usually begins with a low dose and is gradually increased to the recommended dose according to the patient’s situation. The same thing will happen upon completion of treatment. The dose is reduced until the drug is completely eliminated. You should not stop treatment of choice. This is because patients may experience symptoms related to withdrawal, such as trouble sleeping, nausea, headaches, or seizures. In the case of pregabalin, it is important that your doctor’s instructions are strictly followed at all times. It is a drug that can create dependency. If consumed longer than specified

Other information to consider

Don’t miss this information:

  • In order for the medicine to be maintained in optimal condition, it must be stored in its original container. Away from sources of heat or excess moisture. and stored at room temperature Should be kept out of the reach of children. And if you want to leave View information about the drug collection project. In any case It should not be consumed beyond the expiration date stated on the medicine.
  • If you forget to take medicine It should not be compensated with a double dose.. Take medicine when you remember. or if it is close to the next dose Wait to take pregabalin at your usual time.
  • Special attention should be paid to women who are pregnant or wish to have children. This is because some studies have shown that pregabalin may be Side effects related to infertility or birth defects. in infants

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