Navratri diet plan to lose weight during fasting. – Navratri diet plan for weight loss during fasting.

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Navratri is starting from today. Navratri is a great occasion for detoxification and healing of mind and body. We fast to make the mind calm and the body free from disorders. During the 9 days of Navratri, we make such a diet plan, which is effective in reducing weight along with keeping the body healthy. Also, if someone is a sugar patient, then his blood sugar should also be controlled. Let us first of all know what should be our diet on the occasion of Navratri. To know this, Health Shots Hindi also researched the research done on diet and suggestions of experts.

The easy home way to lose weight is to take a balanced diet on time (Weight Loss tips in Navratri)

Often we go hungry for a long time on the occasion of Navratri. We think that by starving we will lose weight. But this home remedy is not effective for the body. Dr. Ashutosh Niranjan, Dean, Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences, told HealthShots during a conversation, ‘Staying for a long time or taking oily-spicy food leads to the problem of stones in the gallbladder.

Also, there is an effect on the daily calorie burn. As a habit, having breakfast in the morning suppresses appetite due to loaded calorie intake and also burns calories. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, then it is necessary to take food on time.

How should be the diet plan for weight loss in 9 days (Navratri Diet Plan)

Senior Dietician and Educationist Dr. Neelam Ali explains, “Instead of starving, it is important to take food and fluids on time. This can easily lead to weight loss in nine days.

start fasting with lemonade (Lemon Water)

Any fasting should be started with lemon water, honey water and dry fruits soaked in water. Banana, apple, papaya, strawberry or avocado smoothie should be taken after some time or after half an hour. Pomegranate can also be taken along with curd. Mental health remains strong by using rock salt. The sodium present in it does not allow weakness.

Take Soaked Dry Fruits

When you start feeling a little hungry, you can consume coconut water. Also, take walnuts, cashews, dry grapes, almonds etc. soaked in water. Keep in mind that do not take more than 2-3 kernels of dry fruits. Instead of these, you can also take Peanuts Benefits or Raw Coconut soaked in water. You can also try roasted peanuts without oil.


You can try potato or sweet potato raita, paneer bhurji, buckwheat roti, buckwheat porridge, tofu bhurji, sago khichdi, samak rice etc. in this. Along with these, you can also take a bowl of tomato, radish, cucumber, turnip, carrot salad.

Tomato, radish, cucumber, turnip, carrot salad can also be taken during fasting. Image: Shutter Stock

In the evening, you can take roasted Makhana and green tea or lemon tea without oil.

Mix Veg in dinner

You can have gourd kheer without sugar, mixed vegetables for dinner. Vegetable soup can also be taken. Keep in mind that bananas, grapes, mangoes or other citric fruits can increase the problem of acidity. Therefore avoid excessive consumption of these fruits during fasting (Avoid Citrus Fruit in Navratri).

Here are the benefits of Navratri diet or diet taken during any type of fasting (Navratri Diet Health Benefits)

If you eat properly during the 9 days of Navratri, it can help in weight loss.

Strengthening the Immune System: According to a research article published in the Harvard Health Journal, if eating properly during fasting, it can strengthen the immune system. In fact, the number of white blood cells in the body decreases during fasting, which triggers the immune system to produce more.

Dryness of the skin ends: The skin also gets well moisturized by the water that the body gets from the fruits eaten during fasting. This ends dryness.

There are 3 toxins out of the body: Food consumed during fasting helps in flushing out toxins from the digestive system. This strengthens gut health.

fasting tips for diabetes
If catering is done properly during fasting, it can strengthen the immune system. Image: shutterstock

Beneficial for mental health: According to Nutrient Journal, several studies have shown that fasting can help reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

Take special care of Pre Diabetic or Diabetic

Dr. Neelam Ali warns, ‘If you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, do consult your endocrinologist before fasting. During fasting, it may be necessary to get your blood sugar level test done several times or say daily. Because during fasting your blood sugar level can be too low (Hypoglycaemia) or blood sugar level can be too high (Hyperglycaemia). Also, not taking sugar pills or insulin injections can be dangerous.

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