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In the summer season, we use many types of products to give a perfect look to the face and to maintain freshness. Everything from home remedies to chemical treatment is used for this. Despite this, by the afternoon, the makeup of the face fades to a great extent. This reduces our confidence and we get upset. Due to the fear of getting off the make-up, they also do frequent touch-ups (Make up Touch up). But still makeup does not last long. If you are also troubled by this problem, then with these simple tips, you can not only enhance your look, but it will also be easy to maintain makeup for a long time.how to do long-lasting makeup at home,

The skin comes in contact with ultra violet rays as soon as it comes out in the sun, due to which there is a risk of spots on the face. For this, we use sunscreen and many types of moisturizer on the face. In such a situation, to keep the makeup on the face, it is necessary to add some special products to our makeup kit. Keep in mind that choose the products according to your skin tone. Rekha Kumari, founder of Rekha Makeovers, is telling about how we can improve our looks.

Follow these tips for long lasting makeup

makeup hygiene tips
Know which makeup mistakes you should avoid during makeup. images adobe stock

1. Make up setting spray

Many times, keeping makeup for a long time either starts feeling cracks in it or it automatically starts getting skin smudged. In this case, the face appears in uneven tone. Whether it is wedding or office, makeup setting spray should be used to take care of your looks everywhere. Keep in mind that if your skin is oily, then apply oil controlling or mattifying spray on the face. If you have dry skin, avoid using any of these sprays.

apply step by step

Before applying the setting spray first shake the bottle and start spraying
Spray all over the face and start from the forehead.

While applying on the face, close the eyes and take care of their protection. Cover your eyes with cowtail shells while spraying.

Do not go out in the sun immediately after spraying. There is a risk of makeup damage due to this. For this, keep sitting in the air for some time.

2. Do not forget to apply Primer

Apply a primer to make the look flawless and to make it last longer. Primer is an essential step of makeup and the entire makeup depends on it. Keep in mind that if your foundation is creamy based, then choose the same primer. On the other hand, if it is watery, then select the primer according to its type. Apply it all over the face.

apply step by step

Apply the primer thoroughly, especially on the nose, under the eyes, cheek bones and chin. After this, apply foundation across the face.

After applying the primer well on the face, leave it for 10 minutes to merge into the face.

Due to this, the makeup does not spoil very quickly. If you do not have it, you can apply a mixture of aloe vera gel and moisturizer instead.

With these simple tips, you can not only enhance your look but it will also be easy to maintain the makeup for a long time. picture shutterstock

3. Use Bloating paper

The oil accumulated on the face can sometimes prove to be the reason for the make-up to come off quickly. In such a situation, to reduce excess oil deposited on the face, apply blotting paper on the face, due to which the excess oil is automatically absorbed by the paper.

step by step

First of all set the paper on the face.

Now slowly press the paper on the face, apply it on the whole face with light hands.

After this, press more on those parts, where there is more sweat or oil.

If itching occurs, avoid rubbing it on the face.

4. Avoid excessive makeup layers

Many times more foundation is applied to hide the marks visible on the face. It is said that even a little foundation shows more on the face. If you apply in excess, then it will start forming a layer of makeup on the face, then cracks will appear in the makeup.

step by step

Apply a thin layer of makeup on the face.
After this, apply a little foundation on the face and dab it with a sponge.
Use long way eye liner and lip color, which maintain your beauty.

take care of these things

It is very important to avoid makeup sharing. Due to this, the products used on someone else’s face can cause bacteria as soon as they touch your skin.

Wash and use the brush. Use liquid soap to wash it, so that it can be cleaned from inside.

Before using any makeup product, check its expiry date.

Make sure to moisturise the skin before applying makeup.

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