Know why women have heavy thighs and what are its benefits

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As women age, some parts of their body tend to store fat more quickly. However, women and men face the problem of extra fat deposition in different parts of the body. But some interesting differences have been observed regarding fat gain in women and men. Where in women, due to change in hormones, obesity starts appearing on the thighs and hip area. At the same time, bellyfat starts increasing in men. But did you know that this fat that collects on the thighs or hips is not always bad! Let us know some interesting facts about female thighs.

What is the opinion of the expert

Talking about this, Dr. P. Venkat Krishnan, Internal Medicine, Artemis Hospital, Gurugram says that the role of thighs is to lift our body weight. The stronger our thighs, the more support our knees will get. On the other hand, due to having over size thighs, fat deposits in the body start increasing many times. This puts weight on our joints. In fact, if the calf muscles along with the thighs are healthy, then the pumping of the veins increases and the blood flow becomes regular.

Here are some interesting facts about women’s thighs

1 Women have more fat than men

According to Scientific American, females have a higher percentage of body fat than males. By age 25, women at a healthy weight have almost twice as much body fat as men. From birth to the age of six, the number and size of fat cells triple in both boys and girls. Due to this, fats start increasing in the same amount in the body.

In a research by Health Harvard, 2,816 men and women between the ages of 35 and 65 were examined. who were free of heart disease, stroke and cancer till their late 80s. According to this, those people whose thighs are heavy, the risk of heart disease and premature death is found to be very less.

If Thigh Circumference is 62 cm, then it is considered most protective. Another study was done in the year 2009. In this, scientists examined 4,170 men between the ages of 60 and 79. Despite losing weight, he was suffering from heart diseases.

You also reduce your hip and thigh fat. Image: shutterstock

Thai bones and muscles are the biggest

Thai muscles are the largest in the body. With their help, our body weight is maintained. Your thighs extend from your glutes to your knees. According to Health Harvard, the main reason behind weight gain in your thighs is estrogen.

Actually, it is a type of hormone. This hormone works to increase fat cells in women. This leads to accumulation of fat around the buttocks and thighs. According to a research, the level of female hormones starts increasing during the onset of puberty. The size of fatty cells in the body begins to increase faster in women than in men starting at the age of eight.

3 The role of thighs is very important in your day to day life

You need the muscles of the thighs the most while walking or running. Apart from this, even when you jump or swim vigorously, the work of handling and moving your body is done by the Thais muscles. Even though you may feel like your thighs are lying passively when you sit all day, the thighs also play an important role in banding the knees and shaping your posture.

Know how heavy thighs are beneficial for you

1. Makes the lower body strong

Gender, heredity, age and sometimes diet also prove to be the reason for thighs being heavy. Due to this, instead of burning fats in the body, now they start accumulating. This makes the lower body strong.

2. Reduces the risk of heart diseases

The report was published by researchers from Oxford University and Churchill Hospital in the United Kingdom. Accordingly, people who move their body weight towards thighs or hips. They protect their body from diabetes, heart disease and many other problems.

3. Helpful in lifting body weight during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the weight of women starts increasing every month. In such a situation, heavy thighs help you in lifting body weight. With this, you can easily carry babybumps.

4. Delivery and Post Pregnancy Support

Heavy thighs give you extra support during delivery, which helps in normal delivery. On the other hand, when your body starts getting weak in post pregnancy, it gives support to your lower body. Heavy thighs are also helpful in lifting your body.

This is where cellulite first appears

An orange peel look appears on the hips, thighs and buttocks, indicating cellulite. Actually, cellulite appears in the form of body weight gain. Most of it gets absorbed in the existing cells. After adolescence, new cells are not normally made in the body. Due to cellulite present in the cells, swelling starts in the body. Gradually, they start becoming visible in the body. Puffed-up fat cells become more visible when the skin becomes thinner and looser with age.

What exercises should be done to keep the thighs strong

Morning walk, running or cycling are mild and excellent exercises for thighs.

By doing squats daily for some time, there is movement of the muscles of the thighs. Due to which they do not become stiff even after long sitting.

Step climbing also strengthens your thighs.

High intensity exercises maintain flexibility and strength in your thighs.

body balance exercise
Exercises to remove body imbalance are also done with the help of thighs. Image: shutterstock

also remember

Consume protein rich diet. This keeps your body healthy.
Do not let the body lack water and maintain a healthy weight.
A warm-up session before exercise prepares your thighs for exercise.
Exercise regularly to maintain flexibility in the body.

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