know why drinking sufficient water is good for your skin.

There are wrinkles on the face, the skin is getting dry or blackness has started appearing under the eyes? The reason for all these and many more such problems is the lack of water in the body. Water is very important not only for your health but also for your beauty. In this article of Health Shots, an expert explains the importance of water for your health and beauty.

Summer has come, if you are not careful, then your natural beauty can be ruined. For this, dermatologists recommend drinking more and more water. Due to which the body remains hydrated. Natural glow also remains in the body. If there is a shortage of water, the body will start becoming lethargic. Nowadays most of the people are using expensive creams to keep the glow on their face. But this is not the knowledge that if you drink more water then it will shine more, the most important thing is that you will not have to go to the parlor. Money will also be saved and there will be no side effects. To keep your skin fresh and glowing, today we are giving you some great tips, which can be tried.

what the experts say

According to Dr. Vipin Gupta, skin care specialist of GSVM Medill College, one should drink three liters to four liters of water in a day. So that no kind of diseases can arise in our body. If you want to prevent blackness under the eyes, wrinkles on the face, lethargy and looseness in the body, then consume more water. Along with this, Dr. Vipin advises to take a bath with cold water, so that the skin remains fresh.

According to the doctor, every day one thousand patients come for skin related diseases, in which around 700 are victims of water deficiency. In such a situation, diseases can be kept away by drinking more and more water.

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Water is very important for your overall health.
Water helps in smooth functioning of all our body parts. Image: Shutter Stock

Know how water works for your health and beauty

1- If there is dirt on the edge of the eyes then do this

According to Dr. Vipin, it is sometimes seen that some people get dirt accumulated around the eyes or the skin becomes dry. Apart from this, the shine is also lost. In such a situation, splash of cold water will have to be done everyday. Due to this, the blood circulation of the face will increase, the glow will also increase and dirt will not accumulate around the eyes.

2- Do this to reduce swelling

Sometimes the eyes swell after traveling a long distance. In such a situation, after soaking cotton in ice water, you have to rotate it around the eyes. Due to which the eyes will get coolness and pain will also reduce, swelling will end.

3- Cold water will keep disease free

Dr. Vipin said that cold water can prove beneficial to keep the skin good. The person who bathes in cold water remains free from all kinds of diseases. Irrespective of the season, cold water is considered beneficial for the body.

4- Water removes skin tanning

Lack of water causes dark spots under the eyes. In such a situation, to remove dark circles, a little salt mixed with lemon juice should be applied two to three times a day under the eyes. By doing this the blackness will end. There will be a different glow around the eyes. Lemon has proved to be effective in reducing blackness to some extent.

Keep drinking water from dehydration
Drink plenty of water, avoid dehydration. Image: shutterstock

Water gives more benefits

Along with this, drinking sufficient amount of water also has other benefits, such as beneficial in reducing weight, de-toxification also removes the dirt present in the body, drinking lukewarm water during indigestion makes digestion correct, which If headache persists, it will go away, will act as an immunity booster, will feel more hungry, body remains shiny, there is no shortage of water.

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