Know what you should do during navratri fasting to lose weight.- What can you do for weight loss during Navratri.

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The festival of Navratri (Navratri 2023) is celebrated twice every year in North India and Western India. During this time, people also think of reducing weight (Weight loss in Navratri) along with fasting, so this is the best opportunity for them. During this, people get more time to lose weight and do not even have to think about dieting. During Navratri, people avoid taking outside junk and processed food. Instead they prefer pure and simple food. Experts also believe that Satvik diet is beneficial for weight loss and staying healthy. So if you too are planning for this Navratri weight loss, then include these 5 things (Weight loss tips for fasting) in your meal plan. Can reduce both belly fat and weight.

If you are going to fast during Navratri, then definitely remember these 5 things

It is necessary to keep the children hydrated from tomato flu.
Do not let there be shortage of water. picture shutterstock

1. Stay hydrated

Every time most of the people are victims of dehydration. In such a situation, you have to drink maximum amount of water. So that there is no shortage of water in the body. For this, people observing fast can take coconut water, lemon water, fruit juice, vegetable juice etc. Due to which there will be no shortage of water. Let us tell you that drying of the lips, blackness in the eyes, blackness around the eyes, less glow of the face are signs of less water in the body. For this, fasting people can drink hot water after cooling it. Due to this, the fat of the body will also reduce and there will be no weakness. Generally people do not like to drink plain water, so they can drink plain water along with eating jaggery.

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2. Fat burning Makhana will reduce

The protein and fiber present in Makhana curbs your hunger. With this, the amount of protein needed by the body is obtained through Makhana. In Makhane Vrat, people like to make kheer in milk and eat it after frying it with ghee. Makhana has also been considered a better source of weight loss. Calcium deficiency in the body is also fulfilled by its use. It is good for men as well as women. Due to its continuous consumption, there is no tension in the body.

3. Eat homemade food instead of packaged food

In modern times, people prefer to consume packaged food during fasting. Due to this, they do not have to waste energy while working, which is wrong. Eating packaged food during fasting is injurious to health as well as less effective than household items in reducing weight. The ingredients of fasting made at home are completely fresh and pure. which does not harm the body. For this, many experts also believe that by eating home-made laddoos, peanuts, gram, the body can be kept fit and fat free.

4. Use sweet potato instead of potato (Replace potato with Sweet potato).

Most people consume potatoes during fasting. Although potatoes are also nutritious, consuming them in excess can lead to weight gain. That’s why this time in fasting, instead of potatoes, eat sweet potato. To reduce the fat present in the body, the consumption of paneer and sweet potato can prove to be beneficial. A balanced diet is present in both. Due to which the body does not even feel weak and the weight also reduces. Paneer and sweet potato are important food items for weight loss during fasting. Because sweet potato contains fiber. At the same time, both protein and fiber are found in excellent amounts in paneer.

benefits of eating fal
You will get benefits from eating fruits. Image: shutterstock

5. Eat fruits (Add more fruits)

During the Navratras of Chaitra one starts feeling the heat. There should be no protein deficiency with water in summer. For this fruits should be consumed. You can consume fruits like orange, apple, banana, cucumber, cucumber, watermelon, papaya, pomegranate etc.

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