know what sitting disease is and how it is harmful for heart health.

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Have you ever heard the name of Sitting Disease? Yes, these days this disease is mostly seen in those people, who work for hours sitting in the office. Due to this, the risk of cardiovascular diseases has increased even for those who do not smoke. Apart from this, it also increases the risk of problems like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure (Sitting Disease Health Risks). Let us know what is sitting disease.

Smoking Health Hazards

Long sitting without any kind of activity causes harm equal to smoking. Not only does this increase the risk of heart disease, but continuous sitting also increases the chances of chronic lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure. Wellness expert Anjali Mukherjee explains in detail about this disease in her Instagram post.

Know what is Sitting Disease Health Risks

Anjali Mukherjee explains, many researches point out that prolonged sitting can lead to many health problems. If you are an office goer or work from home profile, you may be prone to all the problems associated with sitting disease. Obesity, high blood pressure, high sugar, visceral fat around the waist, constipation and unhealthy cholesterol levels, which lead to metabolic syndrome.

what to do to combat the disease

Sitting disease is a term coined by scientists, commonly used to refer to metabolic syndrome and the side effects of an excessively sedentary lifestyle. It is done for chronic diseases that are usually associated with lack of activity or excessive sitting. Sedentary disorder can be a problem with aging due to the physical effects, which can make staying active more difficult. The term Standing More came to the fore to combat sitting disease.

How many hours sitting continuously is harmful

Anjali warns that if you exercise for more than an hour. And if you sit continuously for many hours, then it has a very bad effect on the body. Working continuously for more than 10 hours increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. That’s why get up and walk at some intervals.

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Working continuously for more than 10 hours increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Image: shutterstock

Metabolism is necessary to be active.

Standing and walking are very important to combat the health problems associated with sitting disease. If you stand or walk at an interval of about 30 minutes, it activates the metabolic rate of the body. This keeps the body healthy.

Walking at a fast pace is beneficial for heart health

Anjali explains that walking is a mild exercise, which is easy for everyone to do. The pace at which we walk on a daily basis makes a big difference. According to research from the University of Virginia, women who briskly walked 3 times a week lost 5 times more belly fat than those who walked 5 times a week.

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Do try to do any kind of physical activity or walk with brisk steps daily. Image: shutterstock

Therefore, try to do any kind of physical activity or walk with brisk steps daily. This can prevent the risk of sitting disease.

Standing more is also harmful for a long time.

Just as sitting for long periods of time is injurious to the heart, similarly standing for long periods of time is also injurious to health. When you stand for long periods of time, your blood tends to pool in your legs. Its flow in the body is not done properly. The veins have to work twice as hard for the smooth flow of blood.

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