know what belly breathing is and how it is helpful.- Know what is belly breathing and how it can be beneficial for you.

You must have also felt that your breathing pattern changes when you get angry. Sometimes we start breathing and exhaling very focused. This deep breathing or mindful breathing relaxes you. It not only relieves stress, but breathing in and exhaling properly without interruption also shows your health (Belly breathing). Let us know how is this possible?

Helps in improving overall mental and physical health

Belly breathing or deep breathing, also known as diaphragmatic breathing, can provide significant health benefits when practiced, according to research published in Harvard Health. Slow breathing can reduce muscle tension. This can help improve overall mental and physical health.

Uncontrolled breathing affects the digestive system

According to a research article published in Michigan State University, belly breathing has long been recognized by mind therapists or psychologists to reduce stress and anger, aid in overcoming fear, and induce relaxation. Uncontrolled breathing is often cited as a contributing factor to poor digestion, poor sleep, increased blood pressure, decreased concentration, and decreased energy levels.

How to do Belly Breathing

According to the journal Breathe Research, deep breathing involves breathing continuously and slowly through the nose. Your abdomen is filled with air before the lungs are filled. Hold this breath for a few seconds before letting all the air out through your mouth. Then exhale slowly and steadily. It should be like blowing bubbles. For belly breathing, inhale like smelling a fragrant flower. Your abdomen is filled with air as if a large balloon is being inflated. The body can be relaxed by repeating this breathing process for several minutes.

Belly breathing gives relief from many diseases.

According to the Journal of Breath Research, for belly breathing, place one hand on your belly just below your waist and the other hand on your chest. Breathe normally. Pay attention to both hands and see what type of breath is being used.

Breathing from the chest is not as effective as breathing from the abdomen. Image: Adobe Stock

Breathing from the chest is not as effective as breathing from the abdomen. Blood flow to the lungs is highest in the lower parts of the lungs. There is limited expansion of air in chest breathing. Less oxygen is transferred to the blood and nutrients are not distributed as well, all of which are possible with belly breathing.

Babies belly breathe quite normally. As we age, we change the way we breathe. This involves inhaling air and sucking it into the stomach. Better breathing techniques can be experienced when practiced regularly, which can contribute to overall health and well-being.

No exercise equipment required

According to a research article published in the Journal of Breath Research, abdominal breathing is one such exercise that is easy to do regularly. There is no need to buy any exercise equipment for this. Belly breathing can be done at home, work or even in your car. Deep breathing exercises can be done several times a day.

benefits of deep breathing
Tebeli breathing can be done at home, work or even in your car. Image: shutterstock

Mindful breathing can be used to start the day and can be done before sleeping. Belly breathing can be used as a way to restore your energy at the office or home when you are stressed or anxious.

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