know these 6 expert tips to care for menopausal skin. Learn 6 expert tips for menopausal skin care.

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The menopause phase begins one year after the last period. It starts between 40- 50. Due to this, many types of changes start coming in the body. Skin and hair are most affected when the menopause phase starts. As the hormone level decreases, the skin becomes dry, dull. More hair starts coming on the face and the hair of the head starts falling. If the care is not started in the right way, then there can be worse effects on the skin. Here expert Shahnaz Hussain is telling how to take care of the skin in the menopause phase.

Menopausal Skin Problems

Hormone levels fluctuate in perimenopause. This changes the pH level of the skin. This can also cause serious skin problems. Apart from acne, problems of rosacea, eczema and psoriasis can also occur. Wrinkles, brown spots, jowls and dry skin may become more apparent due to aging and the menopausal phase.

Shahnaz Hussain explains how to take care of menopausal skin

1 Take healthy diet along with exercise (Exercise and Healthy Diet)

According to Shahnaz Hussain, adopt a healthy eating pattern along with exercise in the menopause phase. The diet should include fresh fruits, unprocessed grains, salads, sprouts, lightly cooked vegetables, yogurt and skimmed milk, soups, fresh fruit juices. Note that the use of fat, sugar and starch should be kept to a minimum. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals has to be taken.

2 Remedies to eliminate dryness of the skin (Skin Dryness)

With age, the activity of oil glands and skin decreases, which makes the skin dry. Skin care routine must include cleansing, toning, moisturizing. Daily moisturizing nourishes the skin and keeps the skin soft.

3 Pay special attention to the neck and its surrounding area (Neckline Area)

At this time, the renewal of skin cells is reduced along with the lower level of sebum. This can cause skin dullness. Life force can decrease if not taken care of properly.

For delicate skin, it is necessary to pay special attention to the neck and the area around it. Image: Shutter Stock

Collagen and vitamin C supplement is necessary for the skin in the menopause phase. This helps to boost cell production and cleanse the skin. For delicate skin, it is necessary to pay special attention to the neck and the area around it.

Eye skin care

Avoid massaging the skin around the eyes. Because the skin here can be easily pulled and scratched. These days special creams are available in the market for the care of the area around the eyes, which help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and prevent early wrinkles.

Get weekly facials in 5 good beauty salons

Get a good professional skin massage once a week. Also use cleansing, toning and face masks. This will rejuvenate the skin. This helps the skin to retain sufficient moisture. There is also a process of cell renewal. The problem of pigmentation, dark spots and skin patches increases in this age. So avoid going in the sun. Use sunscreen. Many clinics also provide treatment for skin problems related to aging. Do contact if needed.

Shaadi se kuch din pehle facial na karein
Get facials done at a salon once a week. Image: shutterstock

6 Try to be stress free

Feeling good about yourself has an effect on the skin as well. Be stress free. Try learning something new. Develop your interests and hobbies. Learn something new. Be active Make yourself feel more active. Choose the right and skin friendly make up.

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