know these 4 easy wall asanas, which help to overcome period problems. Know these 4 yogasanas that give relief from period problem.

Due to responsibilities outside the home, we have less time. Both work and fitness are in our priority. We want yoga poses for work and fitness to be done with both promptness. Also, there should be no period cramps during the coming period every month. There should be some such asanas, which can be done in less time and can also provide relief from the problems of period cramps and PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovary Disorder). Yoga teacher and social media influencer Smriti is telling about these asanas here. These asanas can be done in less time and easily with the help of wall (Wall yoga poses). But can exercise really make periods easier? Let us first know about it.

How exercise can make periods easier

When we do Yoga Asanas or Workout, during this there is secretion of feel-good hormone endorphin hormone. It eases the pain. The body moves during yoga practice or workout. Due to this, blood circulation in the body becomes smooth. This helps in reducing period cramps. This also reduces stress and anxiety level.

Moderate-intensity aerobic exercise such as walking is fine during periods. High intensity workouts like weight lifting, running, squats, jumping jacks etc. should not be done. These can affect blood flow. These can cause heavy flow along with disrupting the hormones. Some yoga poses during periods can be an effective way to reduce common symptoms like bloating and mood swings.

Legs-up-the-wall asanas are also beneficial in varicose veins.

Legs-up-the-wall asanas are a great asana to reduce leg swelling. When one has to stand or sit all day, the feet can swell. During this, blood circulation in the body is not done properly. In this situation, raising the legs gives relief. It prevents the accumulation of blood in the feet.

These yogasanas can be done in less than 10 minutes

Smriti explains about these asanas in her Instagram post. According to Smriti, the normal breathing and exhaling process should be normal in all asanas.

1 Padottanasana

Lie down on the yoga mat.
With the help of the wall, move the legs upwards.
It can stay in this state for 2-5 minutes.
During this your legs should be absolutely straight. This leads to proper blood circulation.
(Slip disc patients should not do this)

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Do Padottanasana with the help of a wall. Image: shutterstock

2 Upavistha Konasana (Upavistha Konasana)

With the help of the wall, move the legs upwards.
Keep leg straight.
Then spread both the legs as much as possible by supporting them with hands.
In this state it can be kept for some time.
Along with bringing flexibility in the body, it also helps in fertility.
This asana can be done by everyone.

3 Sarvangasana (Sarvangasana)

With the help of the wall, move the legs upwards (Wall yoga poses).
Keep leg straight.
Keeping your feet against the wall, bend your knees slightly.
Try to raise the torso by keeping hands below the waist.
Stay in this state for a while.
There is relief from the problem of thyroid, hair fall. Skin is shiny.

Don’t do it if you have a cervical problem.

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For Sarvangasana, move the feet upwards with the help of the wall. Keep leg straight. images shutterstock

4 Badhakonasana

Bending the knees with the support of the wall, slowly do the butterfly posture.
It is safe for all. Relieves period cramps. Emotional blockage, fatigue and anxiety are reduced.

At the end

Smriti says, ‘These are traditional yoga postures, which can be done with the support of a wall in a better way to receive healing. All you have to do is focus on your breath.’

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