The problem of inflammation in the skin is a matter of concern among women. Injuries, infections, insect bites, etc. cause inflammation in the body. Apart from this, problems like dermatitis, eczema, sunburn, etc. also cause swelling in the skin. The solution to this problem is explained by Dr. Mandeep Singh, HOD, Department of Plastic Surgery, Gurgaon. He says to avoid the problem of swollen skin, follow the given tricks. So that the problem can be solved in time.

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avoid scratching

If you are itching somewhere. Avoid itching that place again and again. Due to repeated itching in one place, there is swelling in the skin. It is also called triggered inflammation. To avoid this, this problem arises due to changes in skin care, allergies, chemicals and environment. To avoid this, try to avoid such things.

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Avoid itching to prevent inflammation. Image- Shutter Stock

use gentle products

People who have inflammation in their skin should use gentle products on their skin. Skin is the softest part of the body. Any hard thing is first felt by the skin. In this case, do not use hard soaps, scrubs, exfoliants. Even if you use them, there are more chances of swelling. Use a hypoallergenic and fragrance or herbal product.

Keep moisture in the skin

Dry skin is more prone to inflammation. That’s why it is important to keep the skin moisturized so that the moisture remains in the skin. Remember, using a hydrating moisturizer which is branded will be beneficial for the skin. This will not cause any problem to the skin. If there is inflammation in the skin, it will end.

Do not rub the skin-

According to Dr. Mandeep, avoid rubbing the skin repeatedly. If there is a scratch or cut and you rub it, there is a danger of swelling. If not tolerated, gently tap on the cut area. Failure to do so will result in more swelling. Skin is a very sensitive part and do any work keeping it in mind.

apply cold

You do not have to worry if there is swelling in the body skin, Dr. Mandeep says that swelling can be reduced. For this, cold compress means the use of cold thing can reduce the swelling. Understand how to use cold water for this. For this, it would be appropriate to use a cloth soaked in chamomile tea bag. Gently apply the wet cloth to the swollen area. You have to do this three to four times when the water dries up. Do this in an interval of four to five hours.

Can ice be used on the face?
Benefits of applying on face daily. Image: shutterstock

avoid allergies

If you are allergic to something, find a way to avoid it. Even if there is an allergy, the risk of inflammation in the skin increases. Allergies can be of anything like a pet has a problem with someone, as well as being allergic to animal dander, there are more chances of skin inflammation. Apart from this, some food items also cause swelling in the skin. Sometimes pollution, dirt, medicine can also cause swelling. You should avoid all these.

keep a healthy routine

To keep the skin healthy, it is necessary to have a healthy routine. In this, getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, eating protein-rich food, and not taking stress keep the skin healthy.

Doctor’s advice is necessary

Dr. Mandeep says that on skin inflammation or any other problem, consult a dermatologist. Doctor’s advice is necessary before home remedies.

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