Know the symptoms of diabetes. – Know the symptoms of diabetes.

Symptoms of pre-diabetes are often neglected. In this situation Blood sugar levels will continue to rise. And that person becomes a victim of diabetes.

The rising number of diabetes is becoming a concern for all of us. It is very important for all of us to understand what mistakes we are making and falling prey to diabetes. The biggest reason for this is ignoring the symptoms of pre-diabetes. Before blood sugar levels reach diabetic levels Our body sends out a series of signals known as pre-diabetes symptoms. which we all tend to ignore In this situation Blood sugar levels will continue to rise. And that person becomes a victim of diabetes.

Today we are going to talk about common pre-diabetes symptoms that we should not ignore, even if we don’t intend to. Homeopath and nutritionist Dr. Smita Bhoor Patel talks about pre-diabetes. So please let us know more details about this.

Know the symptoms of pre-diabetes here.

1. Acanthosis nigricans

In this condition, dark, thick skin often appears on the neck or armpits. This may be a sign of insulin resistance. which is an important factor in pre-diabetes risk. Skin tags may be related to insulin resistance. and is commonly found in people with pre-diabetes

How to get rid of belly fat
due to increased body fat The body becomes lazy and efficiency begins to decrease as well. Image – Adobe Stock

2. Increase belly fat

excess belly fat Especially fat around the abdomen. Linked to increased risk of insulin resistance and diabetes. This type of fat releases chemicals that may interfere with insulin action. It causes blood sugar levels to increase and can cause people to develop diabetes.

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3. Increased thirst and frequency of urination

Increased urination frequency and thirst may be signs of pre-diabetes. When the blood sugar level in the body increases The body tries to get rid of excess glucose through urine. This can lead to dehydration. When the body is dehydrated, we feel more thirsty. These symptoms are common in pre-diabetes because insulin resistance blocks glucose uptake by cells.

4. The healing process slows down.

Delayed wound healing is another sign of pre-diabetes. High blood sugar levels in pre-diabetes can affect the circulatory system and immune system function. This slows down the body’s ability to repair cuts and injuries. In this condition, wounds do not heal for a long time and symptoms become more severe, which can cause serious problems.

Door with itchy skin
To avoid itching Check blood sugar levels regularly. Image – Shutterstock

5. Itchy skin

In the case of pre-diabetes, skin symptoms are also seen. In this condition, there is itching on the skin. This is because the blood sugar level in the body increases. The skin around the eyes begins to peel. Additionally, yellow patches begin to appear. Not only this Skin tags are also the most common symptom of pre-diabetes. At the same time, the risk of skin infections also increases during this time.

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