Know the causes and tips to avoid Neck lines or wrinkles on neck

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With aging, wrinkles start appearing on the face. It affects the neck. Due to this, wrinkles start appearing on the neck line and while shaking the neck, the looseness of the skin starts to be felt. To re-tighten the hanging skin of the neck, we start doing many measures (How to avoid Neckline or wrinkles),

According to the National Library of Medicine, many times not sitting in the right posture also becomes the cause of wrinkles. Actually, tilting your head down while working on the computer and excessive use of mobile phones can prove to be one of the reasons for this. Apart from this, lack of fats and ptosis can also cause this problem due to not following the skin care routine. Skin care is very important for this.

Know what are those measures, by which you can create tightness in the hanging skin of the neck again.

1. Do Yoga

Yoga can be used to tone the muscles of the neck. Repeating the yoga postures associated with neck wrinkle exercise on a daily basis will solve your problem.

In the first step, keep the neck straight for some time and then move the cheeks inwards. This will remove the fat deposited on the jaw line and it also affects the wrinkles on the neck line.

After straightening the neck in the second step, slowly rotate it from here to there. Due to this, the muscles of the neck start to stretch. Now leave the neck loose and close the eyes for some time.

Now in the third step, move the neck upwards and hold both the hands together and keep them in front. Due to this, the muscles of the neck and shoulders start stretching.

With yoga, the problem of neck wrinkles will disappear.
Yoga is necessary to re-tighten the sagging skin of the neck. images adobe stock

2. Facial massage is necessary

If you do not do facials regularly, then unwanted lines and wrinkles start appearing on the face. For this, you must get facials done according to your skin. Actually, in this process of 1 hour, the skin of our face and neck passes through many stages. Apart from this, the products applied on the face work to return the lost moisture of our skin. This makes the skin healthy and wrinkle free.

3. Use sunscreen

By applying sunscreen, our skin is protected from the strong rays of the sun. Don’t forget to use SPF 30 to protect yourself from sun rays, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. If you are roaming on the swimming pool, sea side or beach area and taking a bath in water, then also apply waterproof sunscreen at that time. This prevents the effects of tanning caused by salty water and sunlight on the body, including the face and arms. Also, staying in the sun increases the risk of wrinkles on the face and neck.

Using sunscreen protects the skin. Image: shutterstock

4. Kiwi Yogurt Mask

Kiwi rich in Vitamin C and E works to nourish our skin. Due to this, the dullness of the skin starts to go away. Kiwi rich in anti-oxidants is useful in making collagen. On the other hand, curd works to tighten your pores by removing dead skin cells. To make this, cut one kiwi into pieces and blend it with two spoons of curd. Apply it on face and neck. Wash it off after 30 minutes. Due to this, there is a tightening of the skin.

5. Massage with oil

Take oil on finger tips and apply it lightly on the neck. Now starting from the neck line, massage the neck till the top. Apart from this, rub the oil on the back neck for some time. This increases blood circulation in the skin. Along with this, the wrinkles visible on the skin start disappearing.

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