Know the best anti-aging foods in winter. Know the best anti-aging foods in winter.

Vegetables and salads nourish the skin from within. Because it not only retains moisture But it is also protected from wrinkles and darkening of the skin.

during winter The skin becomes dry and begins to lose its glow. As a result, lines and wrinkles begin to appear on the skin. I feel like I’m missing cream or moisturizer every now and then. In this situation People spend time and money on different types of facial treatments. Because the glow only lasts for a few days. In this situation for a long-lasting glow Don’t forget to include these winter superfoods in your diet. which not only maintains the skin’s moisture but also helps alleviate various problems Related to the skin as well Know the winter foods that act as a tonic for healthy skin. (Anti-aging food in winter)

Please keep these things in mind to reduce the aging process.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, mineral deficiency in the body increases the effects of free radicals. which is proven to be the main cause of wrinkles. The amount of antioxidants in the body helps protect the skin from sunlight. Increasing the amount of minerals causes collagen to start increasing in the body, which helps solve the problem of dead skin cells.

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In this regard, Dr. Aditi Sharma, Head of Nutrition and Dietetics at Manipal Hospital Ghaziabad, said that in order to keep the skin healthy and free from wrinkles. The skin should be moisturized. To do this Increase the amount of water and consume oranges. Beetroot in raw form or in the form of juice. Additionally, add green leafy vegetables, papaya, carrots and avocado to your diet. Anti-aging properties are present in all these superfoods.

Jainein, the ultimate anti-aging food
Know the superfood of winter, with the help of which the skin’s elasticity is preserved. Photo: AdobeStock

Know the superfood of winter, with the help of which the skin’s elasticity is preserved.

1. Broccoli maintains skin elasticity.

Broccoli has a warming effect. especially in winter Added to soups, salads, and many other dishes, broccoli is more nutritious than cabbage, containing many vitamins, calcium, and iron. According to the National Library of Medicine The amount of vitamin C found in broccoli helps maintain skin elasticity. This increases the amount of collagen in the body, which reduces the effects of melanin. Consumption also helps solve the problem of dead skin cells.

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2. Gooseberry helps relieve acne problems.

During winters, people consume Amla in the form of chutneys, pickles and juices. Including it in regular meals helps in eliminating toxins present in the body. Several nutrients including vitamins B5, B6, C and potassium found in it help in purifying the blood. Helps relieve acne problems on the skin. The antioxidants found here also help protect the body from seasonal infections.

Amla is the ultimate anti-aging food in winters.
During winters, people consume Amla in the form of chutneys, pickles and juices. Image: Adobe Stock

3. Turnips are packed with moisturizing properties.

In winter, the moisture in the skin decreases. and the skin begins to become dry Because of this, small wrinkles That occurs on the face is the cause of wrinkles. In this situation Consuming beets rich in vitamin A eliminates dryness of the skin. And wrinkles that occur around the eyes and lips will gradually decrease by consuming radish, which is rich in moisturizing properties. It increases sebum production in the skin. This helps in maintaining moisture for both the skin and hair.

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4. Oranges help moisturize the skin.

Oranges are considered the ultimate winter food. People who like sweet and sour flavors Consumption will help replenish the lack of vitamin C in the body. It keeps the skin moisturized, which helps solve skin blemishes. Consuming oranges rich in antioxidants reduces skin dryness. Oranges can also be drunk as juice. It keeps the skin moisturized and the face glowing every moment.

5. Carrots protect the skin from the sun.

Carrots are rich in vitamin A and potassium, which act as detoxifying agents. By consuming it, the skin tone remains fair. It will help solve the problem of uneven skin color. The caroteloids found in it protect the skin from sun damage. In addition, the problem of dead and shrunken cells growing in the skin began to be resolved.

Benefits of winter vegetables
Winter vegetables have many health benefits. Photo: Shutterstock

6. Beetroot helps relieve freckles.

Vitamins and minerals are contained in beetroot. Therefore helping the skin to shine. The problem of skin blemishes also began to be resolved. People consume beetroot juice in large quantities during the winter. The amount of collagen found in it helps in repairing dead skin cells in the body. The amount of nitrates found in it increases blood flow in the body.

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