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According to Ayurveda, hundreds of years ago Tulsi has been used in the country to cure complex to complex diseases. which is still going on. The medicinal properties present in basil are not only helpful in fighting diseases, but consuming its leaves on an empty stomach is also beneficial for the skin.
People who have skin problems like acne, pimples etc. can also be cured by using Tulsi. It is beneficial for the body as well as the skin. Tulsi is a strong antimicrobial, which removes skin related problems. This is the reason why beauty expert Akanksha Chaturvedi suggests using Tulsi to make the skin glowing.

What does Ayurveda say about Tulsi

Dr. Utkarsh Bajpai, MD of Bajpai Ayurveda Center, says that the body gets calcium, vitamin C, iron, zinc, chlorophyll, vitamin A by consuming basil leaves everyday. It boosts your immunity. Its consumption can give more than 20 benefits to the body. It has been called a medicinal plant in Ayurveda. Staying away from disease can also increase the age of a person. Basil leaves should be eaten on an empty stomach everyday.

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Tulsi cures acne and pimples

Akanksha Chaturvedi, who started her beauty career from Mohali, Punjab, has been a beauty artist in Noida Film City. Presently working as Beauty Expert in Kanpur. She tells that Tulsi is beneficial in many diseases.
Along with this it is also beneficial for our skin. By using Tulsi as a beauty, pimples, nails, acne, stains, spots etc. are removed and the skin also glows. To use Tulsi on the skin, its method should also be known. Which is being told to you in the tips below.

Tulsi se aapt hogi acne problem
The problem of acne will end with the use of Tulsi. Image- Shutter Stock

Use basil in this way to bring glow on the face

Beauty expert Akanksha says Tulsi can be used to bring glow to the face. For its use, about ten leaves have to be grinded in a small bowl. The Tulsi powder that comes out should be about one teaspoon. After this, one spoon of ground oats powder has to be mixed in the powder. Along with this, mix oats in a spoon. Now add turmeric and honey and mix the paste well. After which apply on the face and after scrubbing with light hands for five minutes, let it dry for 20 minutes. After this wash the face with cold water. Do this process not more than three times in a week.

use as a toner

Tulsi can be used as a toner to keep the skin glowing and healthy. Toner can be prepared at home itself. Take water in a bowl, now put washed basil leaves in it. Now keep the bowl on the gas and boil it well. Filter it when it cools down, and use it every day after washing your face.

to remove acne

If there is more acne on the face, then soak neem and basil leaves in a bowl at night. Remove them from water in the morning and make a paste of it. Now add half a teaspoon of honey to the paste and apply it on the face. Spray rose water after drying for 15 minutes. Scrub for two minutes. Now wash off with cold water. This process can be done thrice a week. This will remove acne problem.

apply natural therapy for acne
Follow these naturopathic remedies for acne. Image: shutterstock

apply basil with curd

To keep the skin healthy, dry basil leaves in large quantities in the sun for five days. After that grind it in the mixer. Now take out two to three spoons of it in your bowl. After this mix curd and apply it on your skin. Wash face after ten minutes.

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