Know the benefits of chakki chalanasana for working women. Chakki Chalanasana is also beneficial for working women.

It is necessary to reach the office on time, so there is a crunch of time in the morning. But it is also necessary to keep the body flexible and away from fat deposition. In such a situation, it is necessary to find such a posture, which can help in both these tasks. Chakki chalanasana (chakki chalanasana benefits) is one of the important asanas in yoga. Along with eliminating the fat accumulated on the stomach and keeping the body flexible, it also strengthens the digestive system.

This is the reason why actress and fitness freak Shilpa Shetty is also a fan of it. She likes to do it with many variations. Let us first know what are the benefits of chakki chalanasana.

Know the benefits of Chakki Chalanasana for your fitness and health

Yoga therapist Dr. Amit Khanna says, ‘Start doing this asana under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Only then it will be able to get health benefits.

1. Tones up the Upper Body

There is active participation of the upper body in Chakki Chalanasana. Its regular practice tones the muscles of this area.

2. Controls the symptoms of PCOS syndrome (PCOS)

Poly cystic syndrome causes obesity, polycystic ovary as well as body hair. This increases blood circulation around the ovaries. This can help in overcoming PCOS.

3 Increases Spinal Flexibility

Round motions increase the movement between the spinal columns connected vertically to each other. Flexibility is increased when done regularly. Makes the hamstring strong and flexible.

How to do Mill Churning pose

According to yoga therapist Dr. Amit Khanna, sit on the yoga mat. Legs and back should be straight.
Slowly make the distance between your legs as wide as possible. Keep the hands near the waist or hips.
After setting the legs, raise your hands to the sternum level. Clasp both your hands with each other.
Now inhale and engage your core, calves, thighs to move your upper body forward to the right.
Draw an imaginary circle. Now while exhaling, come to the left side in the opposite direction.

Later change from clockwise to anti-clockwise and vice versa. Keep making circles like this for 10 to 15 minutes. As soon as the exercise is over, bring the hand to the middle and come back to the previous position. Bring the feet together and relax while reducing the space.

Chakki Chalanasana can also be done by bringing variations in the pose.

1. Seated Straddle Pose

In seated straddle pose the legs are farther apart than in chakki chakalasana. This puts more stress on the hamstrings.
Its beginning will be similar to Chakki Chalanasana.
Then while inhaling raise the hands up. The arms should be straight in front and the chest should be open. Engage the scapulae to fully flex the back.

After stretching the leg, try to raise the hands. Image: Shutter Stock

While exhaling, bend forward. Try to touch the floor keeping the spine straight.
After this, while breathing, slowly come back to the sitting position. Reduce the gap between the legs.

Seated Side Stretch

The leg placement in Parsva Upavishta Konasana is exactly like Chakki Chalanasana.

Keeping the hands on the thighs, keep the legs and spine straight.
Extend the leg as far as possible by keeping the hand near the hip.

stretching exercise relaxes your muscles
Spread the legs as far as possible. Image: shutterstock

Breathe in and lift the spine to turn to the right. Try to hold the feet or try to hold the sole of the right foot.
Breathe slowly and keep going as far as you can while focusing on the right leg.
Now turn to the left to hold the left foot or its sole. Stop to take a breath. Then come back to the middle position.
Finally reduce the gap between the legs by placing the hands near the hips.

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