Know how Zumba is beneficial for mental health – Know how Zumba is beneficial for mental health

Psychological stress is on the rise among the younger generation. In such situations, mental conditions such as depression and anxiety develop. become normal Due to wrong eating habits health carelessness Including physical stability causing the number of various diseases also increased rapidly In this situation Taking care of the health of all of us is very important. We need to engage in yoga and exercise to stay healthy. But there are many people who do not like to exercise. But what about when you have exciting options to keep your body healthy? So why worry?

Zumba is a dance move that you can fully enjoy if you want, instead of doing Zumba alone at home. You can join a Zumba class. You can socialize in a Zumba class. And it will benefit you both physically and mentally. So, let’s know the important benefits of Zumba.

Health Shots spoke to pre- and post-workout fitness expert Dr. Apoorva, a licensed Zumba instructor, about some of the key benefits of Zumba, so let us know how Zumba benefits your physical and mental health. how

Zumba is perfect
Dancing is the perfect form of exercise. Image: Shutterstock

First of all, you need to know how Zumba is beneficial for your mental health.

Whether you’re stressed or just need a morning pick-me-up, Zumba has you covered. Dancing Zumba has many mental health benefits. With a combination of exercise and dance. Your brain produces serotonin and endorphins. which makes you happy These feel-good hormones often help reduce stress, anger, or anxiety.

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Zumba is all about positivity and inspiring you to reach your fitness goals while simultaneously with having fun Zumba teachers make your day fun and energetic, this way you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling. And your whole day can get better.

Zumba can also boost your confidence. You may notice changes in your overall health with a Zumba class. When happy hormones are released in the body You’ll feel stress-free from within. Zumba’s goal is to help everyone feel better about their physical, social, and mental health.

Now you know how Zumba benefits the body (Zumba benefits).

1. Benefits of aerobics

Zumba makes reaching your target heart rate easier than the workout routines you’ll find on DVDs or at the gym. This song is played approximately 145 times per minute. This will lead you to a true aerobic workout. If you are trying to increase your strength, Zumba can prove to be the best option. Participating in this will strengthen your heart.

Crane aerobic exercise
Know how Zumba benefits your mental health. Image: Adobe Stock

2. Anaerobic benefits

Zumba music plays quickly. And moving to the music will increase your stamina after just a few workouts. Overall, they are most beneficial in helping maintain a healthy cardiovascular and respiratory system. This tells you how much oxygen you can breathe during a high-intensity event.

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3. Helps burn calories and fat.

According to a small study in 2012 by the National Library of Medicine. A typical 39-minute Zumba session burns an average of 9.5 calories per minute. To promote weight loss and maintain a healthy body weight, the American Council on Exercise recommends that people burn 300 calories per exercise session. Jumba is satisfied with their parameters. In addition, research results show that dancing Zumba for 12 weeks is also beneficial in increasing aerobic fitness.

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4. Improves cardiovascular health

Fitness industry recommendations, according to the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, state that those wanting to increase their cardiovascular fitness should stay between 64 and 94 percent of HRmax, which is the athlete’s maximum. It is an indicator of heart rate. According to the same study, all Zumba participants, defined as the maximum amount of oxygen a person can take in, fell within these HRmax and VO2 Max ranges.

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The fitness industry recommends it to people who want to improve their cardiovascular fitness. Image: Adobe Stock

5. Improve high blood pressure

In a study published by the National Library of Medicine A group of obese women participated in Zumba exercises for 12 weeks, resulting in improvements in the participants’ blood pressure. and body weight noticeably improved After just 17 Zumba sessions, participants in another 2015 study experienced a drop in blood pressure.

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