Know how Yoga poses can help you to sleep better

Nowadays people stay awake all night and address themselves with Nightowl. Perhaps people are still unaware of how harmful the trend of #NightOwl on social media can be for health. Night sleep is very important. Along with maintaining your mental and emotional health, it helps in getting rid of various types of physical problems. Whether it is exam tension or just a breakup, no matter how upset you are, never let your sleep get affected.

A proper sleep does not completely eliminate your problems but definitely reduces it to a great extent. Along with avoiding caffeine and smoking about 5 to 6 hours before bedtime, there are also some important bed postures that can help you get proper sleep.

Celebrity fitness expert Rujuta Diwekar through her Instagram post has told about 4 such important asanas (Yoga for better sleep), which help you get better sleep while removing the fatigue of the day. Do practice them before sleeping. They can also be done sitting on a yoga mat or on the bed.

Yoga for healthy sleep
These 3 yoga asanas are helpful for deep sleep. , Image AdobeStock.

1. Vajrasana

It keeps your body completely relaxed. Also helps you get a good sleep.

Do Vajrasana like this

Vajrasana can also be done sitting on a yoga mat or on the bed.

First of all, sit on your knees.

Join the toes of both your feet together and keep the ankles apart.

Roll your calves forward and sit down by placing your buttocks on your heels. Then keep the palms on the knees.

After sitting, keep in mind that your body should not lean forward, try to keep it as straight as possible.

During this, keep your back and head straight.

Close the eyes and keep breathing normally.

Try to sit in this posture for about 3 to 4 minutes.

If there is a lot of load on the knees, then you can put a pillow between your buttocks and legs.

2. Adhomukhovirasana

If you do not get sleep on time, then practice Adhomukhovirasana on the bed before sleeping. Practicing it regularly can help you in getting a proper sleep.

practice it like this

Sit in the same posture as you did while sitting in Vajrasana posture by resting both your buttocks on your heels.

Take both your knees away from each other and maintain a proper gap.

Keep your spine straight and lean forward.

During this, keep your hands straight forward while stretching.

Tilt your head down and keep the body relaxed.

Remain in this posture for 3 to 4 minutes, then relax from the back.

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Yoga Nindra will help you to get lonely sleep. Image: shutterstock

3. Janu Headstand

Janu Shirshasan strengthens many parts of the body and stretches the body completely. This is a great option to reduce the fatigue of the day. It calms your mind and lowers the anxiety level. Thus, if you do not sleep at night due to stress, it will help in getting proper sleep.

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do this posture like this

Sit on a yoga mat or bed in Sukhasana posture, keeping the bones of the spine straight.

Extend any one leg outward from the hip joint and bend the knee of the other inward.

Now give support by keeping both the hands near the cooler.
Breathe in. Turn the abdomen and torso towards the leg that is extended towards you.

Now while exhaling, try to hold the heel of the foot with both the hands.

If the hands do not reach the ankles, hold them anywhere below the knees.

If the body is getting stretched too much, then put a pillow on your stomach. Lean forward and keep your forehead relaxed down.

Stay in this position for 3 to 4 minutes. During this, take a deep and slow breath and release it.

Similarly do the same with the other leg.

Know 4 yogasanas that help in better sleep.

4. Supta Baddha Konasana Yoga

The practice of this yoga is effective in the problem of indigestion, bloating. Stretches muscles and relieves physical tension. Thus its practice helps in getting proper sleep at night. If there is pain in the stomach during the period, then its practice will be helpful for you even during that time.

learn how to do it

Place a pillow on the bed right behind you.

Now lie down in the Shavasana posture and slowly bend the knees inwards.

During this, join the ankles of both the feet together. The outer part of the feet remains in contact with the floor.

Keep both the palms near the hips. Slowly lean back and lie down on the pillow.

During this, the pillow will hold your stomach and uplift your chest.

Close your eyes and leave the body completely relaxed.

Remain in this posture for about 4 to 5 minutes.

When you feel sleepy, slowly remove the pillow from under your stomach.

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