Know how to use Ayurvedic herbs for skin.- Know how to use Ayurvedic herbs for skin.

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In summer, the strong rays of the sun especially affect the skin of the face. Due to this, the problem of stickiness, tanning and rashes starts increasing on the skin. Many times even by using different types of beauty products, we are not able to bring back freshness to the skin. If you want to nourish the skin and make it glowy, then do not forget to use these Ayurvedic herbs. Apart from including them in food, you can also apply them on the face. Know their beauty benefits and how to apply ayurvedic herbs for skin,

With the continuous use of these beauty herbs, many changes are visible on the face. It refreshes our skin without any side effects.

To convert this summer heat into coolness, adopt these special herbs which will help you in glowing skin.

1. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is one of the best herbs to lighten the skin of the face. Nutmeg, rich in magnesium, copper and antioxidants, works to remove spots on the face. Nutmeg, which is rich in anti-bacterial properties, also works to protect us from mouth infection. Apart from this, its consumption with milk strengthens our immune system and also proves beneficial for heart health.

how to apply

For this, grinding nutmeg and adding honey to it and applying it on the face will remove the problem of spots and freckles on the face. Apart from this, mixing nutmeg powder in water and applying it on the face overnight will also make the face look full till morning.

Its consumption strengthens our immune system and also proves beneficial for heart health. Image: shutterstock

2. Raw turmeric

Turmeric, rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, works to protect our skin from many types of problems. Turmeric, which strengthens the immune system, works to purify the blood. Apart from this, even if there is some cut and peeling somewhere on the skin, you can use turmeric paste.

how to apply

Prepare a paste by mixing two spoons of turmeric, one spoon of gram flour and four spoons of rose water. Now apply that paste on the face. This will automatically remove the bacteria and infection present on the face. This will remove the problem of tanning on the face.

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon acts as an anti aging element. By applying it on the face, the problem of fine lines and wrinkles that appear before time will automatically go away. This to apply It automatically opens the closed pores of the face. Due to this, the skin starts getting proper oxygen. Which proves to be a reason for regularizing blood circulation.

how to apply

For this, mix one spoon of cinnamon powder in mashed banana. Add one spoon of honey to it as well. Now after mixing this mixture completely apply on the face. This makes the skin healthy and soft. Along with this, it is also beneficial in skin tightening.

Nutrient-rich cinnamon is very beneficial for overall health. Image shutterstock.

4. sandalwood

Sandalwood is a cool herb, which has been working for centuries to improve facial skin. Apart from this, sandalwood is also used in the problem of swelling and headache. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also cures rashes on the skin. Due to its sweet and cool fragrance, it works to bring coolness to the face.

how to apply

For this, take sandalwood powder in a bowl and add rose water and a few drops of lemon to it. Now apply it on the face, neck and arms. This will automatically end the problem of skin tan. Along with this, the dullness of the face also starts going away automatically. With its regular use, your face will look blooming even in summer.

5. Rosemary

Rosemary works to moisturize the skin. It also works to protect the skin from the effects of the strong rays of the sun. It not only nourishes the skin but also helps in improving the texture of the skin. With its continuous use, the problem of aging science goes away.

rosemary benefits
Rosemary oil can be applied on the hair in these ways. Image AdobeStock.

how to apply

If you want, put its leaves in coconut oil and keep it in the sun for a few days and apply it on the face. Apart from this, lavender oil available from the market can also be mixed with aloe vera gel and applied on the face with light hands. Due to this, the skin of the face becomes glowy and the spots appearing on the face also start getting removed.

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