know how to take care of sensitive skin.-Experts tell how to take care of sensitive dry skin.

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Everyone likes to use beauty products. But having sensitive skin, it can be quite risky. Experts believe that people with sensitive skin need more care than others. That’s why it is important to know about their quality, ingredients and possible effects before using beauty products. If your skin is also sensitive, then let us know from the expert all the important things about its care (How to take care of sensitive skin).

What experts say about sensitive skin

Dr SS Sachan, Managing Director and Dermatologist at Skin Care Clinic, has been solving skin related problems for the last ten years. Dr. Sachan says that the effect of any season or product on sensitive skin is visible first and foremost.

Therefore it is important that they consult a dermatologist before using any kind of product. If they use anything on their face without consulting, then the problem may increase further.

Know here the answers to the questions related to sensitive skin (How to take care of sensitive skin)

1- How to recognize that the skin is sensitive? (Sensitive skin signs)

According to Dr. Sachan, before dealing with the problems caused by sensitive skin, it is very important to know what are the symptoms of sensitive skin. Only after this it would be appropriate to take any beauty tips or doctor’s advice. People with sensitive skin have more dry skin, which is also called dry skin.

apply beauty product on sensitive skin

Applying beauty products on sensitive skin can make the skin red. Image- shutterstockway If they don’t use moisturiser, their skin tends to get scaly. At the same time, on the use of makeup products, they may also have to face the problem of skin itching, rash, rashes, pimples etc. If you see any of these problems in yourself, then consult a doctor immediately.

2 Why does allergy occur on sensitive skin? (allergy prone skin)

Dr. Sachan says that people with sensitive skin are most at risk of allergies. Apart from this, there may be more pimples or rashes on their face. Due to these also the problem of skin allergy increases.

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3 Is only the skin of the face sensitive? (Body skin)

On this, Dr. Sachan says that on hearing the word sensitive, many people have many questions in their mind. After which the image of other problems including pimples, redness is formed on the face. It is not necessary that all these problems should be visible only on the face. Those whose skin is sensitive, along with their face, there may be problems on the skin of hands, feet, scalp.

In such a situation, people who are facing the problem of skin sensitive skin, they should be careful while choosing body wash, fabric or any kind of skin touching product. Chemicals are found in large quantities in all these products. Whatever you want to use, take the advice of a beauty expert or doctor before that.

effect on skin
These signs on your skin indicate that you have a skin allergy. Image AdobeStock.

4 Which products are safe for sensitive skin? (Safe products for sensitive skin)

Those who are troubled by sensitive skin, Dr. Sachan advises them that they should use anti-bacterial products. Apart from this, they can also buy products with alpha-hydroxy or retinoid acids. Note that do not buy any product that is more aromatic.

People with sensitive skin should use a clinical moisturizer. Apart from this, it would be better for them to use a silicon based foundation.

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