Know how to style your hair at home.- Know how to style hair differently at home.

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Fashion keeps on changing and so do the methods of hair styling. If curly or wavy hair is the trend, then people with straight hair want to get their hair waved or curled. When straight hair is in fashion, everyone with curly hair wants to get their hair straightened. Here are some hairstyling tips to let you experiment with your look. Let us know some special ways to style your hair.

You can use these methods to style hair

1 blow dryer

There are many tools and methods used to style the hair and change the texture of the hair. A common appliance is the blow-dryer, which many people have in their homes. Blow dryer not only helps in drying the hair after washing, but also helps in setting in waves or curls and straightening the hair.

Blow dryer can give extra bounce to your hair.
A blow dryer can also give your hair an extra bounce. images shutterstock

A blow-dryer can be used to easily set short hair into a style. It can also give hair more volume and bounce. Long hair requires a styling brush with soft, natural bristles.

2 hair rollers

If you want to curl or wave your hair, use rollers to create larger or smaller curls as well. If you have curly hair, use larger rollers. Smaller rollers are fine for straight hair. Rollers are used on damp hair.

Take small sections of hair and roll them. It dries hair quickly and gives better effect. Hair should be slightly damp for setting. Divide hair into sections and clip them so you can work one section at a time.

Use large rollers on the hair on the top of the head to make the top hair appear thicker. For fullness at the top of the head, divide the hair into four sections at the top. Before drying hair, wrap four large rollers around the ends.

3 curling wand

Apart from this, another styling tool curling wand can also be used. It generates heat to make the hair curly or wavy.

4 Perming For Hair

Perming is a method by which the hair becomes curly or wavy and its effect remains for a long time. Chemical lotions are used to perm the hair, which changes the structure of the hair. After perming, follow your hair care routine with hot oil treatments and conditioning.

5 Hair Straightener And Iron

Hair can also be straightened using styling tools and chemical hair straighteners. Hair straightening iron also comes to straighten the hair. In this, the hair is straightened by applying heat directly to the hair. Irons have wide plates for large sections of hair.

Agar hair straightener ka istemal kar rahi hain, toh balo ko nurish karna na bhoolen
If you are using a hair straightener, do not forget to nourish your hair. Image Adobe Stock.

Nylon comb can be attached to keep the hair straight. Ceramics are better and more expensive, as they cause less damage. Excessive use of a styling iron can dry out hair, which can lead to split ends and a lot of hair damage. Hair also loses its natural shine and starts looking dry and lifeless.

6 Hair Rebonding

Hair straightening iron is also used in rebonding and straightening is done by taking small sections of hair. Chemical solutions are also applied.


Take care of your hair regularly to avoid damage caused by heat application and chemical lotions.

Use mild shampoo and extra-reach conditioner.

Deep conditioning treatment should be done once or twice a week for chemically treated hair.

The use of serum in the hair gives shine and the hair remains protected. Apply lukewarm oil once a week and do hot towel wrap.

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