Know how to make night cream at home and its benefits. Know how to make night cream at home and its benefits.

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Whether it is a big city or a small one, we all have to face pollution when we step out of the house. Apart from this, sunlight also damages the skin. To reduce this damage, just applying sunscreen is not enough. Nighttime care is also necessary for the skin. For this, instead of chemical-rich night cream, night cream made naturally can be more beneficial. Let’s know the method of making night cream (How to make night cream at home). Also, know its benefits for the skin (Benefits of night cream).

Experts are also telling the need of night cream

Akanksha Chaturvedi, who has eight years of experience, says that the biggest difference is on the face during the whole day’s running. For everyone, the face is the first center of attraction. To keep it shiny, you need its extra care.
To maintain moisture in the skin, it is not only necessary to drink more and more water, but a diet rich in nutrients is also necessary. Night cream prepared from natural ingredients reduces fine lines, pimples, wrinkles, image skin, dark spots as well as aging signs. Regular use of night cream on a daily basis leaves the skin glowing and soft.

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The right night cream protects the skin from aging

To keep the skin glowing, it not only needs to be protected from external pollutants, but also needs proper nutrition and repairing. Night cream can help you in this. Along with healing our dead skin, it helps in building new skin cells. Opens the pores of the skin clogged by pollution so that your skin can breathe properly.

benefits of sardine mein night cream
Learn here the method of making night cream. Image: shuttercock

Know how night cream benefits the skin

Beauty expert Akanksha says that all types of night creams are available in the market. Apart from this, homemade night cream can also be used for the face. Applying it reduces wrinkles on the face. Along with this, pimples, wrinkles, dark circles are also reduced. But it is necessary that night cream should be used everyday.

Make your own herbal night cream

For this you need- two spoons of rose water, one spoon of almond oil, one spoon of glycerin and one spoon of coconut oil.

Prepare your herbal night cream like this

1 Place a pan on the gas and when it becomes hot, add coconut and almond oil together and let it heat up.

2 When both the things become hot, turn off the flame and let the oil cool down. After this, add rose water and glycerin to it and mix it well.

After mixing all the ingredients, your cream is ready. Now you can store it by filling it in a jar.

4 For better benefits, use this night cream every night before sleeping after washing your face.

bb cream ko kaise prabhavit karti hai
There is no danger of pimples by applying night cream. Images – Adobe Stock

Night time skin care is important

Night cream should be used on the skin to give protection along with healing to our skin. Using products at night benefits the skin. Night cream is one of the best investments for the skin. Its use gives freshness to the skin. Prevents dark circles and dryness of skin. Also, night cream is helpful in reducing the effects of facial aging. Pimples, tanning, sunburn can also be reduced by using night cream.

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