know how to lighten dark back.- Use these 4 kitchen ingredients to brighten your back skin.

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Neither your eyes reach the back nor your hand can reach completely. This is the reason why most women are unable to take care of their back skin. Due to this happening continuously, the color of the skin of the back becomes darker and dry than the skin of the face and other parts of the body. If you are also fond of wearing deep back neck or backless dress, then with these 4 methods (how to lighten dark back) bring glow in the skin of the back.
Along with the face, you should take care of the cleanliness of other parts of your body and the skin on it. The largest part of these is the skin of the back. Not cleaning it can make your back skin dark and dry. When you wear deep neck blouse or backless dress, then it starts looking even more ugly.

What do beauty experts say about this?

Beauty expert Akanksha Chaturvedi, who has been serving for eight years to make face beauty and skin beautiful, gives the solution to the problem of dark color of the back. She says that females generally focus more on face beauty. While she is unable to take care of her back as compared to her face. Due to which the back becomes black. Of course there is a solution to this problem, for that the given tips have to be followed.

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Try these 4 tips to lighten the dark color of the back

1 lentil scrub

Masoor dal will be available in the house, put it in the mixer and grind it. If you want, you can also take masoor dal powder from the market. Take three spoons of masoor dal powder in a bowl and mix two spoons of lemon juice in it. After mixing both of them well, mix curd with one spoon of aloe vera gel in it.
After mixing, keep it for two minutes. After two minutes, use it on the back and scrub it lightly. Now wait for it to dry. After drying, wash it with lukewarm water.

masoor dal benefits
The skin gets benefit from the use of lentils. picture shutter stock

2 Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera should be used to keep the black back as clean as the face. For better results, take two spoons of aloe vera gel in a bowl and now mix two lemons in it.
Now mix both the things and apply it on the back. Try massaging your back with a light hand. If you want, you can also do scrubbing with the help of loofah. After keeping it for five minutes, clean it using lukewarm water.

3 rice paste

Take the rice kept at home and grind it in the mixer, take two to three spoons of flour. Now add two spoons of lemon to it and mix it well. Also add two spoons of curd and then mix it well. Mix everything well and apply it on the back and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it with water after 15 minutes.

4 gram flour is also special

Gram flour is present in everyone’s homes. But today it is not to be used for eating, but to clean the back. Four spoons of gram flour will have to be taken for cleaning the back. Now the juice of two lemons has to be added to it.
After this add two spoons of curd, two spoons of rose water to it. Mix everything well and apply on the back. After this scrub for two minutes and leave it for ten minutes. Clean the pitha after ten minutes.

Skin becomes clear by using gram flour. picture shutterstock

while going

Akanksha says that if there is any problem on the skin on the given tips, then show it to a dermatologist. Stop using everything. Care has to be taken that the problem does not get worse.

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