know how to do watermelon facial.

You must know how important the consumption of nutrient-rich watermelon is for health. Water-rich watermelon is known as a hydrating fruit. This fruit available in summer helps in getting rid of all the health related problems by providing adequate hydration to the body. Its benefits are not limited to this only, it is also very beneficial for the skin of the face.

Apart from including it in the diet, it can also be applied topically on the skin (watermelon for skin). Due to which the skin will look glowing and beautiful. So today with Health Shots, we will know the right way to use watermelon on the skin.

Learn the benefits of watermelon for the skin

1. Watermelon acts as a natural skin toner. It helps in keeping the skin fresh.

2. According to PubMed Central, the antioxidants present in watermelon reduce the effect of free radicals and also slow down the aging process.

3. Applying watermelon topically to the skin can help reduce pore size and oil production.

4. Watermelon contains a fair amount of water, it provides adequate hydration to the skin and is very beneficial for dry skin.

5. According to the National Library of Medicine, Vitamin C present in watermelon makes the skin soft and glowing.

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6. The use of watermelon in sunburn works very effectively. According to the National Library of Medicine, the minerals and antioxidants present in it help reduce inflammation and redness on the skin.

7. You can grind watermelon seeds with watermelon and use them for scrubbing.

watermelon for skin
Amazing watermelon for the skin. Image: AdobeStock

Watermelon facial can be done easily at home with these 4 steps

1. As a cleanser

to make it you need Watermelon juice and coconut oil

To make a watermelon cleanser, mix watermelon juice and coconut oil together. Take a cotton pad, dip it in the cleanser and apply it all over your skin thoroughly. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes, then clean it with normal water.

2. Watermelon Scrub

to make it you need Watermelon, watermelon seeds and rice flour

Watermelon scrub can be used to exfoliate the skin. Mash the watermelon along with its seeds thoroughly, then add a little rice flour to it.

Now apply it on the skin and massage the skin in circular motion for 3 to 5 minutes. This will help remove blackheads by removing dead skin cells.

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3. Watermelon Massage

to make it you need Honey, watermelon, coconut oil and lemon juice

After exfoliating the skin, it is very important to moisturize it. Prepare a moisturizing cream by mixing honey, watermelon, coconut oil and lemon juice together.

Apply Watermelon Moisturizing Cream on the skin and massage the skin in circular motion with light hands. Let it get absorbed well into the skin. It increases the blood circulation in the skin and provides natural glow to your skin.

watermelon for skin
Give natural glow to the skin. Image: AdobeStock

4. Don’t Forget To Apply Watermelon Face Mask

to make it you need Gram flour, milk and watermelon juice

Lastly, finish off your watermelon facial by applying a face mask. To make a watermelon hydrating face pack, take gram flour and add milk and watermelon juice to it. Apply it on your skin and leave it for 15 minutes. Then clean the skin with normal water.

to make it you need Watermelon, watermelon seeds and honey

Apart from this, grind watermelon with its seeds and make a paste, add honey to it and apply on the skin. Let it dry then clean the skin with normal water.

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