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Be it party or office get together, we make many efforts to stand out everywhere. To enhance his look, he takes care of everything from eye makeup to hair tie. Still, in haste, some mistake or the other is bound to happen. If you are looking for quick and easy makeup tips, try the monochromatic makeup look.monochromatic makeup look can end your search. In this look, you can not only enhance your entire makeup with the help of a single product and shade but also give yourself a polished look. Do you know what is monochromatic makeup look?monochromatic makeup look And how can you apply it?

Makeup expert Manju Rawat says about this that it is also called all in one makeup. In this, with the help of any one lipstick, you can do the complete makeup very well. In this, lip cals can also be used for eyeshadow and blusher. You can also use pink, news brown, peach and plum shade for the summer season. Whereas in winter you can use glossy and metallic shades. You can use dark shades in this.

what is a monochromatic makeup look

A monochromatic makeup look is a look in which multiple areas of the face have the same color and the same product is used on the face. You can apply it on lips, cheeks and eyes. This not only makes your makeup quick. Also, it feels balanced and comfortable. This gives you a classy look. It is generally perfect for office going women and college going girls.

Monochronic make up tips
With the help of one lipstick, you can do the complete makeup in a very good way.

Benefits of monochromatic makeup look

The monochromatic makeup look lasts for hours and doesn’t require frequent touchups.

There is no risk of makeup coming off or spreading by swatting in the heat. You don’t need air conditioning all the time to keep your makeup stable.

Using limited amount of cosmetic makes your face feel fresh. Also, cracks are not visible on the face. This gives you a natural look.

For clean and clear skin, you can easily apply makeup on your own anywhere in minutes. You will not need any parlor for this.

In this, instead of multiple products, you can apply makeup with the help of a single shade.

Before applying makeup, it is also very important to prepare your skin for it. Image shutterstock.

Follow these steps for monochromatic makeup look

1. For this, first apply makeup base on your entire face and blend it. Now take P size foundation and apply it on forehead, cheek bone, nose, near eyes and lips. Now merge it with a sponge.

2. After blending completely, now set the foundation with face powder. Use a dull peach shade to add volume to the cheekbones.

3. You can use the same shade to apply on the top eye lid. After applying the shade, try to blend it with the help of a brush, so that the color can be avoided.

4. You can use it in the space from lash line to brow line. Apply brown mascara to give it more finishing. Apart from this, you can also apply green or blue mascara.

5. Now the shade of this creamy blusher can also be applied as a lipstick. To create shine and gloss in it, you can apply nude shade lip gloss on top.

6. Tie the hair as per your convenience for an elegant look. Some people also choose the shade of makeup according to the hair color. It is necessary to choose colors according to day and night.

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