Know How to clean hair brush.- Know what is the right way to clean hair brush.

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You know about the closest thing that touches your hair? Yes, we are talking about the hair brush. Not just broken hair, but dead skin cells, hair gels, leave-in conditioners, oils from your scalp, fungus, bacteria, dandruff and much more, your hair brush has to deal with. Despite this, very few people clean their hair brushes regularly. While most people neither clean it nor know the way. If you are also one of them, then you should know about the damage caused by dirty hair brush. Also, we are going to tell you the right way to clean it (How to clean hair brush).

Things like oils, serums, leave-in conditioners all stick to your hair brush. When you don’t wash it, it can go back into your hair. Even though it may seem clear to you with the naked eye, but when you look at the brush with the light of a torch, you will see white and yellow particles in your brush. These are the pollutants that can harm your hair.

apne hair brush mei baalon ko na chore
You can use soap or shampoo depending on your preference and the type of brush. Images – Adobe Stock

When you don’t wash your brush, it can cause an imbalance in the scalp microbiome which can lead to scalp dandruff and scalp infections. Due to which hair fall starts.

We spoke to dermatologist Dr. Chitra to know how important it is to clean hair brushes and how to do it. Dr. Chitra is a skin and hair expert and also the CEO and Founder of Chitra Cosmoderma.

Know why it is important to clean the hair brush regularly

If you use your brushes every day, you should wash them at least once a week. If you only use your brush occasionally or on a special occasion, you may need to wash it every month.

2 Washing the brush also depends on what problem you have and the condition of your hair. If you have dandruff, oily scalp then you should definitely wash the brush at least once a week.

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3 If your hair breaks, don’t leave it in the brush, but you should remove them so that your brush doesn’t get too dirty and you don’t have to spend much time washing the brush at once. It is such a small task that when you have made hair and removed the broken hair, then it will not take much work to clean it.

Know here the right way to clean your hair brush

Step 1 Pull out the hair

First things first, you need to get the hair out of the brush. You can pull out all the hair yourself, but you may need the help of a thin tool to help pull the hair out.

Hair brush is the cause of hair fall.
Not cleaning the hair brush properly can also cause hair fall.

Step 2 Apply soap and scrub

You can use soap or shampoo depending on your preference and the type of brush. If you do opt for shampoo, choose a sulfate-free option to protect the bristles. If your brush is made of metal or plastic, you can soak it in soapy water for 15 minutes. But if it is made of wood then you can leave it. You can scrub your brush with an old toothbrush.

Step 3 Washing

After scrubbing your brush for a few minutes, it’s time to wash it. Wash with warm water and scrub a second time if soap or oil is still present. Wash the brush thoroughly to make sure all the soap or shampoo is gone.

Step 4 Dry

Finally, allow your brush to dry completely before using it. First, pat it dry with a towel to absorb excess water, then allow your brush to air-dry. This can take a few hours, so it’s best to wash your brush before you go to sleep so it’s completely dry by morning if you need it.

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