know how obesity affects your life. Know those reasons due to which the joy of life decreases.

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Obesity is increasing like an epidemic all over the world. It invites many serious health problems. That’s why it has become a matter of concern for most of the countries including India, America. According to the World Health Organization, more than 1 billion people worldwide suffer from obesity. Several studies indicate that the number of obese young people is expected to triple between 2020 – 2035. This means that by 2035, one out of every four people will be obese. Along with inviting many serious diseases, obesity can also destroy the joy and fun of living. We spoke to Dr Arnab Mohanty, General, Minimal Access and Bariatric Surgery (HOD) at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Gurugram, to know how obesity affects life (obese and life happiness).

There is a decrease in the quality of life

Dr. Arnab Mohanty explains, ‘There has been a 4-5% increase in obesity cases in the hospital in the last 5 years. But people do not consider it as a disease. Whenever the topic of obesity comes up, people shy away from discussing it. People are afraid that others might make fun of them. Obesity makes our body weak, due to which we are not able to do many things well. It not only brings loneliness and unhappiness in life, but also reduces the quality of life. Due to many diseases due to obesity, the cost of medical treatment increases. These circumstances can also increase the economic burden on the obese people themselves and their families.

Here Are 4 Reasons That Obesity Decreases The Joy Of Life

1 Obesity reduces happiness (Obesity Effect On Happiness)

The Journal of Obesity and Overweight study reports that people who were obese had a 55 percent higher risk of developing depression during their lifetime than those who were not obese. Obesity is known to be one of the most important factors reducing the sense of happiness and satisfaction, especially in women.

Badhaa hua vajan apki sex life me rukaavat payada karta hai
Obesity is known to be one of the most important factors reducing the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Image: Shutter Stock

In fact, obesity is associated with emotional issues. such as sadness, anxiety and depression. Life expectancy also decreases due to this.

Increases the risk of 2 fatal diseases (Chronic Diseases)

Dr. Arnab explains, ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, happiness resides. Obesity causes hormonal changes in the body. This increases stress and also affects metabolism. This increases the risk of debilitating and fatal diseases including diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

3 Affects mental health (Obesity for Mental Health)

Obesity is also associated with a higher risk of certain mental health disorders. Due to this, anxiety, depression, even bipolar disorder, eating disorder can also happen.

jane kyun hota hai fatapa
Obesity also affects mental health. Image: shutterstock

A study in the Journal of Happiness suggests that depression is also associated with obesity. Rates of depression have risen steadily as obesity rates have risen around the world. The prevalence of depression in obese people may be twice that of people of a healthy weight.

4 Can affect social status (Social Status)

Often people do not want to marry obese people. That’s why their chances of marriage decrease. If you are obese, your physical activity will be less. You will not be able to do any official work properly. Due to this, there will be a possibility of losing the job and your social status will also be affected.

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