Know how hair dye is affecting your hair.- Disadvantages of dyeing hair.

If you want to change your look then the first thing you think of is to change the contours of your arms. We do many types of treatments to make the hair look fashionable. Get hair cutting done, get any style or treatment done in the hair or get the hair dyed. But repeated dyeing of hair can also have a bad effect on it. Care must be taken while coloring hair as over-processing can be harmful to the health of your hair.

To know more about this, we spoke to dermatologist Dr. Chitra, Dr. Chitra, a dermatologist who is an expert in skin and hair. Dr. Chitra is also the CEO and Founder of Cosmoderma.

Dr. Chitra explains that “hair dyes that penetrate the hair shaft are harmful as they damage the hair, making it brittle and prone to breakage.”

How dyeing damages hair

ammonia is not good for hair

Dr. Chitra said that permanent hair dye and bleach cause the most damage. The protective strip of the hair is removed mainly due to the ammonia content. After this, the hair becomes dull and lifeless.

kya baalon ko rangne ​​se ve saafte ho sakte hain
Instead of ammonia, monoethanolamine (MEA) is used in ammonia free colours. picture shutterstock

Every hair color and dye contains ammonia, which is not good for hair at all. Ammonia works to break down the hair cuticle and allow the color to set in. Using ammonia can spoil the natural texture of your hair. Ammonia can leave hair looking dry, dull and lifeless. Ammonia can also trigger allergies, skin irritation and respiratory problems.

Ammonia free dye is also not safe

If a hair dye does not contain ammonia, it does not mean that it is good or safe for your hair. Instead of ammonia, monoethanolamine (MEA) is used in ammonia free colours. It also works in the same way as ammonia. It works by breaking the hair cuticle and filling it with color. Thus, can cause hair damage similar to ammonia. MEA is not as harmful to overall health as ammonia. But it damages the hair just like ammonia.

causes hair loss

To have color in the hair, it is necessary to open the cuticles and fill them with color, but this can also make the hair weak. This process can also cause hair breakage.

Dyeing hair also removes the natural moisture of the scalp. This damages the hair roots. Dyeing hair weakens your hair which leads to hair fall. If you get dyed in light hair, then it can be more harmful for you.

Peroxide free dye also does harm

Semi permanent dyes partially damage the cortex of the hair and can be handled with additional hair care.

Another ingredient in the dye is peroxide. Peroxide can also cause hair damage. Peroxide also breaks down the cuticles of your hair and dyes it. Peroxide free color does not break the cuticle of the hair and does not add color to it, which means that the color will not last long in the hair. For which you have to get dyed again and again. Due to which its excess can also harm your hair.

How to keep the hair of the hair after dyeing
How to keep dyed hair healthy. Image: shutterstock

it can become addictive

Dyeing your hair means that you want to see yourself in a better and changed avatar. But after a long time, this color comes out, after which your real hair appears back, which you do not like, for which you get dyed again. You may feel better than this but you go one step further towards damaging your hair.

Apart from this, you have to get frequent touch-ups done in your hair which can do more damage. If it so happens that you do not like the color of your dye, you end up getting it re-dyed or bleached which further damages the hair.

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