Know how exercising is actually good for your heart.

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Death of celebrity while doing gym, death of many fit people due to heart attack, all these news have scared many people. Due to this, those people who go to the gym and are fitness freaks are the most nervous. Recently Miss Universe Sushmita Sen also informed about heart attack and then angioplasty. After this again the discussion intensified as to how a fitness freak like Sushmita can become a victim of heart attack! But if you also feel that gym exercises are responsible for heart attacks, then this message from Sushmita Sen is for you. Actually, not one but many factors are responsible for heart attack. Let’s know everything about heart health and workout.

If you want to maintain heart health, then do not make the mistake of skipping workouts. You should also pay attention to the message given by Sushmita. Sushmita Sen did an Instagram Live, in which she talked in detail about her heart attack and said that many people have stopped going to the gym thinking that even such fit people are getting heart attacks.

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She further said that this is wrong, she used to go to the gym, stay fit, that’s why she survived even after a heart attack. Getting enough physical activity is very important to keep your health in good shape. Many diseases and health risks can be avoided by following a healthy lifestyle.

Understand the reasons responsible for heart attack

1 Genes and Hereditary

Talking about this in more detail, dietician and nutritionist Garima explains in her Instagram post that the cause of heart attack can be genes and hereditary as well. Garima says that if someone in your family has a heart-related problem, then you should keep getting yourself checked. To avoid heart attack, you should keep getting blood test and heart assessment done.

It is true that if there is a problem of heart diseases in the family, then we will also have this problem. But now by adopting measures like medicines, early detection of disease and lifestyle changes, we can reduce the speed of progress of these diseases.

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2 Bad Lifestyle

Bad lifestyle triggers your heart attack. If there is a history of heart problems in your family then you need to improve your lifestyle. Lack of physical activity can also increase these symptoms. Your bad diet can also increase the problem of heart blockage, so it is very important to follow a balanced diet.

3 Maintain Healthy Weight

If your weight is high or increasing, then you need to be careful because increased weight is the cause of most heart problems. Increased weight is also a bell of many types of health hazards. You should pay attention to your diet and physical activity.

Excess weight increases the blood pressure in the body and makes it uncontrollable. This affects the heart a lot, due to which the heart can get damaged. Because of which obesity causes heart stroke and heart failure.

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Bad cholesterol or LDL has a negative effect on your arteries Image: Shutterstock

4. High Levels of Bad Cholesterol

Bad cholesterol or LDL has a negative effect on your arteries, narrowing your veins. Triglyceride which is also known as blood fat can also become the cause of heart attack. Both these things depend on what diet you are taking. If you want to reduce your risk of heart attack, then it is very important that you take care of your diet. You have to consume good cholesterol and not bad.

5 stress

There are many reasons that can become the cause of heart attack or heart attack in today’s young population. Foremost among these is stress, which triggers issues like high blood pressure, cholesterol, insomnia, poor eating habits and not following a healthy lifestyle.

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