Know how a weak immune system affects your skin. – Know how weak immunity affects skin health.

Lower temperatures also affect immunity and weakened immunity causes skin problems. Why does this happen and what are the reasons behind it?

Skin problems become very common due to the temperature drop in winters. In this condition, moisture is robbed from the skin. and the skin will look dry and dull. At the same time, the risk of skin infections is also higher during this period. Lower temperatures also affect immunity and weakened immunity causes skin problems. (low immunity to the skin) Why does this happen and what are the reasons behind it? Today we will find out how the risk of skin infections increases as the immune system weakens with increasing temperature.

Health Shots spoke to Dr Ayush Gupta, Head of Dermatology, DPU Private Super Specialty Hospital, Pimpri Pune, to learn more about this topic. Doctors have provided important information about hypothermia and skin conditions caused by low immunity. So please let us know more details about this topic. (Effects on the skin in winter)

Let’s first understand what experts say about skin problems caused by temperature drops and weakened immunity.

The doctor said “When the temperature drops The risk of inflammation, infection, and skin disease increases in people with weakened immune systems and genetic predispositions. “When the temperature drops The skin’s ability to retain moisture is reduced. As a result, the skin’s protective barrier weakens. and puts patients at greater risk of infection.”

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“This particularly affects people with atopic dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis. which is more severe during the winter. “With a slight chill in the air Respiratory infections are therefore increasing. This may appear as a skin rash.”

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Why does this happen and what are the reasons behind it? Image – Adobe Stock

First, let’s understand the effect of lower temperatures on immunity. (low immunity)

Cold weather weakens the immune system’s response. This increases the risk that the body will become infected. Viruses spread more efficiently in cold environments and can survive longer in this environment. Because viruses and germs can easily infect the body.

Now you know how a weak immune system affects skin health. (Low immunity affects the skin)

1. Increased risk of bacterial infection

A healthy, strong immune system protects the body from bacteria and viruses that cause infections. When your immune system begins to weaken Your body is unable to fight these infections and is quickly affected. In this situation Skin-related infections and gut health are negatively affected. Gut and skin health are related. This is especially true if a person suffers from conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The risk of infection increases due to a weakened immune system.

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2. Acne may occur on the skin.

Have you ever noticed that in the case of colds, coughs, and flu? Your skin will also start to become dull and lifeless. One cause is a weak immune system. When the immune system does not respond completely Germs that cause infection take over the body. And may face skin acne in this situation. In this situation The risk of skin acne is usually highest.

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There is a risk of the skin breaking.
The risk of skin acne increases. Image – Adobe Stock

3. The healing power will be slower.

Immunity not only protects your skin from viruses and infections. But it also increases healing power. This is because injuries and wounds on the skin heal quickly. If your immune system is weak Even small wounds The skin still takes longer to heal.

Immune cells heal wounds and protect against infection. At the same time, it promotes the growth of new cells to allow wounds to heal and new skin to form. But if these things don’t work Not only will the healing power decrease. But it also increases the risk of inflammation and infection. This can make your wound worse.

How to take care of your skin to be healthy in this condition?

As the doctor said “Moisturizing is a simple way to To prevent the spread of many skin diseases when temperatures drop, other simple steps include: You should avoid long, hot showers. A 15-minute warm shower is enough. “Eating a balanced diet Wearing a moisturizing mask And following basic hygiene practices, such as washing your hands, can cure many diseases.”

“If the violence increases The best way is to consult your dermatologist. Because many people are delayed because the problem increases and the doctor takes time to treat. Therefore, timely treatment is required to avoid problems.”

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