know experts 4 yoga asanas, which boost every person memory and sharpness. Learn those 4 asanas told by experts, which can boost the memory of children and adults.

These days, be it children or adults, their screen time has increased a lot. This is affecting brain health the most. We forget to keep the important stuff somewhere. Can’t remember the names of my acquaintances quickly. Some yogasanas are very important to keep the memory strong (yoga for memory and sharpness). Yoga experts believe that not only do yoga yourself, but also inculcate the habit of doing it in the children of the family.

Improving cognitive skills

When we do yoga, brain cells develop new connections. This causes changes in the structure as well as function of the brain. This results in the improvement of cognitive skills such as learning and memory. Yoga strengthens the parts of the brain that play an important role in memory, concentration, awareness, ideas, and language.

Yogasanas store memory in the brain.

Yoga teacher Smriti explains in her Instagram post, ‘Some yoga poses work better on the mind. These are micro exercises, which work on the hippocampus. This is the part of the brain that deals with memory. These yogasanas are most important for mental health. After every exercise, it is necessary to take a break of few seconds with normal breathing. After this, proceed for further yogasanas. It is enough to do all these mudras 3 times. Students can also practice this.

Here are yogasanas told by yoga teacher Smriti to increase memory power

1 Crown Area Awakening Pose

Concentration increases by doing this asana. It is possible to concentrate on a particular object or thing.

how to do this asana
Get the chin down. Keep your eyes open.
Concentrate on the crown area.
Take a deep breath and expand the chest.

2 Pony Area Sensing Posture

This asana helps in calming oneself down. Disorientation is not possible.

how to do this asana
Turn the head upwards.
Take your awareness to where you tie the ponytail or comb.
Breathe fast. The chest should expand while breathing.

3 Shanmukhi Mudra

This mudra helps us to control the senses. Basically our mind which wanders here and there can be controlled by this Shanmukhi Mudra.

How to do Shanmukhi Mudra
Hold the breath.
Close your eyes.
Cover the ears with the thumbs, the eyes with the index fingers and the nose with the middle finger. Place the little fingers next to the lips.

Breathing exercise is beneficial
This mudra helps us to control the senses. Image: shutterstock

Make a mudra like the sound of Om coming out of the mouth and inflate the mouth. Stay in this position for half a minute while keeping the head down.

4 Supt Udarakarshanasana

It is a great asana to relieve mental and physical stress. Spinal movement helps store memory in the brain. Apart from this, the abdominal organs and muscles get stretched by this asana. This results in improved digestion. Constipation is removed by regular practice of Supta Udarakarshanasana. Lie down on the yoga mat. Bend both the knees.

How to do Supta Udarakarshanasana
Keeping both the hands loose, keep them near the head.
Bend both the bent knees together to one side.
On bending, turn the head towards the other direction.

yoga se badhaye se drive
It is a great asana to relieve mental and physical stress. Image: shutterstock

At the end

Regular practice of all these asanas is beneficial. It can be done by a person of all ages. If the child gets dizzy while doing these asanas and feels uncomfortable, then he should not do these yoga asanas.

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