know expert says right steps squats regularly helps in weight loss and fitness. Learn Experts say that for weight loss and fitness, it is necessary to do the right step of squat regularly.

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Due to lack of physical activity, many other health problems start happening along with obesity. Due to paucity of time, we want to have such an exercise, which not only controls weight but also benefits the whole body. Wellness expert and celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala explains in her Instagram post that squats are the only exercise your mind is worth. This puts stress on your whole body. But it is very important to do it with the right steps (Squats Right Steps).

You can start by sitting on the edge of a bench

Yasmin says that instead of doing many steps, it can be made easier by bringing slight changes. First of all, sit on the edge of a bench. Step one foot forward. Bending the other leg, take it inside under the bench. Tie both the hands and stand while giving weight on one leg. Then place the other leg on the bench from the opposite side. Then you can squat while bending the front leg and bending the knees. According to Yasmin, do squats while twisting.

Here is the complete method of squatting (Squat Right Steps)

Stand up straight. Keeping the back straight, stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. You should stand in a straight line. Turn the toes out slightly. Keeping the shoulders relaxed, raise the chest. See straight. Your arms should be outstretched in front of you. Engage the glutes so that the pelvic region is in symmetry with the left leg and right leg.

Engage Core

Look straight ahead. Keep the back straight and engage the core. Take a breath Push the hips out and begin to bend your knees. Your weight should be on the heels and not on the toes. Bring the hips down from the knees.

Your weight should be on the heels and not on the toes. Bring the hips down from the knees. Image: Shutter Stock

Look straight ahead while pushing the hips out. Come into the sitting posture by keeping the weight of the body on the heels. Go down until your hip joints are below your knees. This is the correct full squat.

Pull glutes in

Keep arms out in front or grasp right wrist with left hand. See straight. Make sure the pelvic region is in line with the toes. Pull the hips backward. Pull core tight and glutes in. Stay in this pose for 3 seconds.

start getting back

Exhale and start rising back up. Keep the weight of the body on the heels only. Keep the shoulders back and the chest up. Push hips forward and engage glutes. Keep the legs straight.


You can repeat these steps according to your ability.

Here are the benefits of squats

Squats affect the lower part of the body. It eliminates the difficulties faced by the body in everyday activities such as walking, lifting heavy objects and climbing stairs. It makes the body strong.

duck walk benefits
These muscles are strengthened and pain is relieved. Image: Shutter Stock

This can prevent any kind of injury. This strengthens the muscles and gives relief from pain. The best part with this is that it does not require any kind of equipment to do it. This can be done at any place. Only the space should be ventilated and the feet should have good shoes.

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